Top 10 Day Trips In Australia in 2023 For Winter Season

Enjoy Your Day Trips and Make the Best Out of the Winter Season in Oz

If you are planning to spend your winters in Australia, you surely are making one of the best decisions of your life. While you are in Australia during winters, you can greet penguins of the Phillip Island or even experience the thrill of snowshoe trekking. Winter is a perfect time to enjoy the colours of nature in Australia. The winter season in Australia is different from the rest of the world because it starts in June and ends in August, after which spring arrives. Temperature can drop to less than 0 degree Celsius at night in different parts of Australia including South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania. If you plan to visit Australia in winters, you have to pack a few blankets with yourself and we are going to tell you, how to enjoy this season to the fullest in the country of the Oz.

1. Crocodile Cruise

If you are in Northern Australia in winters, you must visit the Adelaide River to the East of Darwin city. Let us explain why, it is one of the most populated places for the dangerous reptiles, crocodiles. The waterways of Northern Australia are a natural habitat of more than eight thousand saltwater crocodiles. This makes up a Crocodile cruise. It is surely one of the best experience if you are in Adelaide. As these giant crocodiles are cold-blooded, they can be spotted easily during the winter season.

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2. Dark Mofo Fest

If you are spending your winters in Australia, you should make sure to participate in the Dark Mofo Fest. Hobart located in Tasmania hosts one of the most amazing winter festival of all times, the Dark Mofo Fest. This festival brings together almost half of the population of Tasmania for celebration. You should be a witness to the Tasmanian celebrations of roots of human existence, nature, culture, religion, traditions, light and darkness. Although it is a 10-day festival, you can take a day out and participate in some of the events. The festival takes place in the Museum of Old and New Art and is considered to be a celebration of fun, art, music, food, and films. You should not miss out on this in the winter season.

3. Glenelg

Another amazing thing to do when spending your winters in Australia is to visit Glenelg, which is a South Australian suburb. It is one of the most mesmerizing beachside attractions in Adelaide. The place attracts a number of tourists in winters for it being a reason to spend amazing sunny days on the beachside in this season. Among two of the most favourite things to do in Glenelg Beach is sunbathing and dolphin spotting. Winter in Australia is not complete without spotting dolphins. If you are a swimmer, you can also enjoy the thrill of swimming with dolphins in the wild, only if weather conditions are feasible for such incredible stunts.

4. Perth

The wildflowers in Perth are an amazing sight to be seen during the winter season. Across Western Australia, during the winters, millions of tourists are attracted towards the carpet of wildflowers stretched over an area of 2.5 million square kilometres. This carpet is made up of more than 12000 species of wildflowers. If you really want to experience this beauty then you must head towards the Kings Park at Fraser Avenue in Perth. It is known to be one of the best things to do in Australia during the winter season. The Botanic Garden in Perth is a witness to the incredible flora and fauna of this country. Out of all of these flowers, it is believed that more than 60 percent of the species are only native to Australia in this world.

5. Blackheath

Although this activity is quite under-rated but believes me it would be one of the most amazing activities you ever do during winter season in Australia. To have a valley view of Blackheath you have to travel on the Evans Lookout Road in New South Wales and explore the valley. While you are in the Blackheath valley, you will be able to admire the spectacular landscapes of this valley. You can get the pictures of some of the most scenic and picturesque vistas here. And what is better than to capture the moments in your camera so they can take you down the memory lane in future.

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6. Simpson Desert

Have you ever crusaded in a desert? I winter activity to be done in Australia is Dune Bashing while crusading in the extensive Simpson Desert. Winters in Australia serves your purpose of fun and adventure quite perfectly. You can satisfy your sense of thrill by dune bashing at the sprawling sand dunes of the Simpson Desert, which is the best opportunity for tourists to have a glance at the desert life of Aussies. The Simpson Desert is stretched over an area of 170,000 square kilometres. There are more than 1100 sand dunes in this desert. This desert is located near Lake Eyre in South Australia and it is present to fulfil all of your dreams of a desert adventure.

7. Tasmanian Whisky Trail

Tasmanian Whisky trail is another thing you should visit when you are in Australia during winters. If you love wine and whiskey, then the Tasmanian whiskey trail would be an incredible option for you to enjoy. It is no doubt the best whiskey tour in Australia. Tasmania has a history in winemaking and is very famous for being associated with a number of wineries, distilleries, and breweries. Some of the most famous distilleries of this region include Lark and Sullivans Cove, the Launceston Distillery, and The Hellyers Road Distillery. During this tour you will not only be able to enjoy your favourite drinks but also will get an insight into the arts and crafts and the superior technology which is used for producing the finest wine in Australia.

8. Ningaloo Reef

Among the natural wonders of Australia which you can enjoy in the winter season is the Ningaloo Reef which is located in the heart of Western Australia. It can be said that the Ningaloo Reef is one of the most precious World Heritage Site in Australia. The reef covers an area of around 260 kilometres at the Ningaloo coast. Tourists from around the world visit the Ningaloo coast to explore this natural wonder of Australia during winters. Besides exploring the reef while swimming, your adventure can be doubled if you can spot some whale sharks. While on the Ningaloo Reef you can enjoy snorkelling on the Turquoise Bay, fly in the microlight flights, or set up your camp and just relax camping there.

9. Phillip Island

When you visit Australia in winter, never ever let go off your chance to greet the happy penguins on Phillip Islands. You can visit and have a fun day with penguins on the Summerland Beach of Phillip Island located in the Victoria. Penguins are an irresistible animal and you will definitely fall in love due to their awesomeness. When tourists visit Phillip Island it is impossible for them to hide their excitement of meeting the penguins. During winters, the Penguin parade is one of the most adorable experience. You can have a closer look at penguins and can get close to them for taking amazing pictures.

10. Overland Track

The Overland Track is one of the most amazing wonderlands in winters in Australia. All sides of this track are covered with snow. The Cradle Mountain National Park turns in to a magical paradise in the winter season and if you happen to visit this place, you can experience the stunning snowshoe trekking. There are abundant options to enjoy this winter wonderland experience of Overland Track in Cradle Mountain. So visit the Lake St. Clair National Park in Tasmania and enjoy the winters to the best in this incredible place.

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Australia celebrates winters like no other country in the world. The winters in Australia stay from June to August and the tourists can enjoy the most of this weather in the country of the Oz. you can indulge in some of the best experiences which you can cherish for a lifetime. So explore Australia during winters and enjoy.



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