Top 10 CBD Products To Watch in 2022

Check Out These Top 10 CBD Products For A Better Health in 2022

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, it is a chemical compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD is not a psychoactive component, that property is found in THC which is also present in the cannabis plant and is psychoactive. Places like Heaven’s Organics offer superb innovative products such as CBD topical that is easy to use and convenient to tuck away in your purse or backpack? 

CBD has relaxing properties, which is why it is used mainly in edibles and oils. Since CBD is not psychoactive, it does not register a feeling of being high. Consuming CBD based products like Full Spectrum does not create any state of being high or sedated. Instead, the naturally relaxing property of CBD makes it an ideal component of medicines that are meant to treat epilepsy, severe pain, anxiety and depression. Both CBD and THC are being used as components in cannabis-based medicines, in jurisdictions where cannabis for medicinal reasons is legal.

A lot of hype was created around the medicinal usage of cannabis a few years ago when medical research and studies showed that cannabis had medicinal properties that could be used to treat several conditions, including some debilitating conditions such as Dravets syndrome.

Since then, the world has come a long way and cannabis-based products have become more and more diverse. Countries like Canada, Uruguay and some states of the USA have completely legalised cannabis and this legislation has created a wave of new products that can be used for both medicinal and recreational uses.

There is now a realization that the legalisation of cannabis, can create additional revenue streams for governments and set up a whole new industry, that was previously illegal and policed. The CBD industry is growing fast but it is still in its early stages of growth and development. The greatest hindrance in its path is the lack of infrastructure and logistics.

Nevertheless, the CBD industry is generating quite innovative and new products that are expected to create an impact in the market.

1- Nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals are nutrient-based products, similar to vitamin supplements that we have right now. Nutraceuticals are prepared with CBD and other plant-based compounds that are supposed to have physiological benefits. Expect nutraceuticals to take a good share of the market. At present, nutraceuticals are sold by Balance as a natural alignment and wellness product that is available for almost $40.

The nutraceutical supplement contains

  • Curcumin
  • Theobromine
  • Ashwagandha
  • L-Theanine
  • Hardening
  • Hemp-based CBD
  • Piperine

And some other natural components, that provide much-needed nutrients for the human body.

2- Menstrual Pain Relief

One of the most important uses of CBD is as a painkiller. The natural properties of CBD make it good at relieving pain. One area that which CBD is expected to take a great share, in particular, is the pain relief solution for menstrual pain and cramps.

The period relief kit includes an oil tincture, CBD roll-on and a stash pouch. It is a completely organic and non-GMO oil. The oil is edible and is meant to be ingested, whereas the rollon is for external use only.

3- Body Rub

The Switch2Pure body rub is an invigorating body rub made of natural ingredients. The body rub is meant to revive tired and stressed out muscles and body parts.

Some of the other brands offering similar products include

  • Lord Jones high CBD formula body oil
  • Ellis Brooklyn marvellous CBD massage and body oil
  • BCDol topical CBD salve
  • Herbivore emerald CBD + adaptogens deep moisture glow

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4- CBD Facials

CBD based facial products are going to make waves in the beauty and self-care segments of the market. CBD based facials boast of having nutrients that leave the skin fresh and glowing, their unique selling point is that these facials are completely organic and non GMO.

5- Corporate Hemp Farming

It is already happening and as the nascent legalised cannabis industry becomes legalised in more and more countries, corporate farming of cannabis is going to become mainstream. Big brands will go for upward integration to buy farmlands, so that they can grow their own hemp to ensure supply and cut costs. Expect pharmaceutical and skincare segments to be at the top of this trend.

Quality CBD is a great starting point as the mix great ethics with there business model.

6- CBD Pre Rolled Cigarettes

CBD is a compound that is present in the hemp plant, those who smoke hemp or marijuana, get both CBD and THC into their system and it is the THC that causes a feeling of being high and sedated. CBD as stated above, is only a relaxant. Since it is possible to separate CBD as a compound, so why not make CBD pre rolled cigarettes? The benefit of CBD pre rolls will be that they won’t induce a feeling of euphoria or being high but they will make you relaxed and calm down your nerves. This can be a big hit with those who suffer from nerves before big events, such as public speaking events.

7- CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are expected to be quite popular among users of CBD. Gummies laced with CBD and essential nutrients can be a great way of your daily intake of essential nutrients along with the calming effect of CBD.

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8- CBD Skin Treatments

CBD based skin treatments are already available in the market and as more research is done on the healing properties of CBD, one should expect more products to enter the market. At present there are age adapting facial serums that can heal acne, blemishes and reduce redness of the skin.

This skin treatment offered by Sephore comes as a roll on, that can treat the above mentioned conditions and also restore the youthful appearance of the skin. There are other skin care products in the market as well, that claim to have similar properties and features. It is expected that this market segment is going to become quite populated in the coming years.

Some of the other brands offering similar products include

  • Farmacy better daze ahead CBD moisturizer
  • Josie Maran skin dope argan oil + 100 mg CBD
  • Lord JOnes acid mantle repair moisturizer

9- CBD Based Deodorants

CBD deodorants are actually a thing. The Kopari CBD Deodorant for instance is a high strength, CBD infused formula that deodorizes the underarms, keeping away body odour, while hydrating the skin . The deodorant is made up of all natural ingredients and can be used even by those with the most sensitive skin.

10- Bubble Bath

CBD based bubble baths can be used as a luxurious way to nourish your body and skin with the healing properties of CBD and other natural products present in the bubble bath. Our skin is the largest organ, which can absorb cannabinoids. CBD based bubble baths allow one to relax in the bath while their body soaks up the CBD, destressing the muscles and relaxing the body.

Some of the other brands offering similar products include

Sunday scaries CBD bath bombs with vitamins

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What was the first medicine?

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