Top 10 Breakfast Places in Virginia in 2023

Top 10 Virginia Breakfast Spots 2023

The flamboyant city of Virginia is home to affluent history, breathtaking beach, a variety of entertainment attractions and national parks. But above all, it has a rich culinary culture that makes the city an even more alluring to the tourists. Food is an indispensable part of our lives and travelling without experiencing the local cuisine is like a job half done. If you are a breakfast person and travelling to Virginia in 2023 for any reason, then you must not forget to check in to some these top breakfast places that have an array of scrumptious breakfast item on their palette.

1. Doc Taylor’s Restaurant

Top 10 Breakfast Places in Virginia in 2020

If you had been in Virginia some time ago and had visited this restaurant, you would have found a pink building at the spot where Doc Taylor’s Restaurant now stands. The restaurant owns its name from Virginia Beach’s great Dr. Taylor who used to practice in the same building which now serves luscious breakfast at very reasonable prices. Apart from the mouth-watering “The Doc Taylor” delish “The Doctor’s” NOLA Surprise, and rich “Doctor Tuttle’s French Toast”, Doc Taylor’s Restaurant offers live music outlet for the community amidst the tranquillity of the Virginia Beach winds. The restaurant’s interior decorated with memorabilia and photos makes the place all the more attractive. Just add this restaurant to your bucket list if you plan to travel to Virginia in 2023.

2. Citrus Breakfast and Lunch

Citrus Breakfast and Lunch offers you some of the best, delectable and flavoursome breakfast items whether it is pancakes, French toast, waffles or omelette. Citrus source its products from local producers and farmers – so while the world is moving towards organic farming, this restaurant is actually serving its customer the home-produced items, nothing artificial! Its breakfast will give you a healthy and fresh start with an assortment of gluten-free, vegetarian-friendly options along with some palatable stuff for meat lovers. Located in the serene and heavenly coastal region of Virginia, Citrus Breakfast and Lunch has outdoor seating and full bar available with other services including free Wifi and television. So you can enjoy the scrumptious breakfast with your favourite Netflix season!

3. Pocahontas Pancake & Waffle House

Lodged in the city of Virginia, Pocahontas Pancake & Waffle House is an amazing place for waffles and pancake lovers. The House built in 1974 is the “Best Pancake House in Virginia Beach” featured on the “Best Of” series of the Food Network. The café has distinct warmth coupled with an aesthetic ambience that makes it all the more welcoming. The interior has been painted by a local artist and houses an authentic Indian teepee. Once inside Pocahontas, you would find yourself savouring their fluffy pancakes and mouth-watering waffles and won’t be able to hold yourself back from scrummy sandwiches, tasty breakfast wraps and luscious omelette.

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4. The Bagel Baker

If you are in Virginia and don’t have time to stop over for a luxurious breakfast then no worries. The Bagel Baker is all that you need for a quick healthy breakfast while you roam around relishing the splendour of the city. A family-owned café operating since 2011, The Bagel Baker produces the best bagels of authentic NY style from preservative-free dough with kettle-boiling and stone-baking. Whether you top them with cream cheese, butter & jelly, hummus or Nutella spread, The Bagel Baker’s bagels are always nectarean. Not only this, the bakers offer rich home-made cream cheese, coffee, and a variety of sandwiches. While in Virginia, you can experience the true NY bagels taste on the move.

5. Ted’s Bulletin

Ted’s Bulletin is a place to savour your taste buds while conversing with maître d’hôtel, bartenders and fellow diners. The place is a social arena with open and wide dining spaces, full bar and delicious American food to please your taste buds and mood. Stationed in three American states including Virginia, Ted’s Bulletin serves breakfast all day long. The restaurant offers a healthy assortment of modern and classic American breakfast items from special homemade Ted’s Tarts, velvety milkshakes, fizzy cocktails and many more. With a welcoming crew, quick serving and friendly ambience, Ted’s Bulletin is a must-visit restaurant in Virginia.

6. Joe’s Cafe

From scrumptious pancakes, waffles & French toast to delectable sandwiches and a variety of omelettes, Joe’s Café could be your one of the favourite stopovers in Virginia. You can have breakfast at any time of their serving hours, interesting, isn’t it? Their friendly crew, fast service and delicious food are all that one needs when it comes to dining out. The café ensures that the customer returns with a hearty stomach and a happy face, so they occasionally welcome them graciously by shaking hands. Be sure to visit the café at early hours as a lot of people pour in to relish their breakfast. Believe it or not but you will yearn for another breakfast at Joe’s Café. It’s a must-try!

7. First Watch

You would love to start every day in Virginia with a healthy breakfast at First Watch. Served in a creative manner, the traditional breakfast favourites like omelettes, pancakes, sandwiches and salads taste all the more delicious amid comfortable ambience with happy smiling waitrons moving around serving you fresh and healthy breakfast. The crew starts working in early hours with baking, slicing, whipping, and beating ingredients afresh to satisfy the taste buds of its hundreds of customers. At Fresh Watch you will be welcomed with a special big pot of Project Sunrise coffee – which is the café’s discovery and one of their most cherished items.

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8. Bread and Water Company

A tasteful and modish space bordered by glass walls, Bread and Water Company never compromises on its ingredients and presents the best and fresh product to its customers. The ingredients purchased from the local producers are innovatively concocted to produce some of the best breakfast delights in town. Whether you go for their breakfast with, sausages, toast, waffles, pastries, bread, tea or coffee, you will find every item delicious to the core. A languid morning in Virginia will spur your energy with the healthy breakfast at Bread and Water Company.

9. Café 44

Housed in Old Town Alexandria along the Waterfront, the café with contemporary aura and a large terrace provides you with an opportunity to breathe in the serenity of the Potomac River. This hidden gem has the best breakfast items; from their house-specialities, a la carte, Starbucks brewed coffee to waffles, every item on their list is scrumptious. Mark this café on your list for a luxurious breakfast in the city of Virginia.

10. Community Canteen

It’s a market-inspired café that offers a range of breakfast items to its customers with the liberty to dine outdoors, inside or on the patio. You will find a simple yet healthy and luscious breakfast at the Community Canteen wherein you can opt for yoghurt with different fruits toppings, choose one of their homemade mueslis or you can go for omelette of your choice. You will fall in love with their scrumptious and rich egg, bacon and pork sandwiches.


Finding a top-rated and cheap place in Virginia is not a big deal. The city houses some of the best cafes and restaurants that will make you fall in love with the place and its food.



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