Top 10 Best Places to Camp in Australia in 2023

Picturesque Coastal Glamping Sites of Australia

Australia is home to best of the best tourists’ destinations in the world, from mesmerizing sapphire seas, sun-kissed beaches, scenic coastlines, variegated coral reefs to iconic man-made grandeurs. But above all, this country has some of the epic camping sites for adventurous souls. The campsites by the riverside allow an amazing experience where one appreciates nature and relish its wonders amid the tranquillizing sound of crashing waters and chirping of birds. Here is a curated list of top 10 camping spots of Australia where you will have larger-than-life experience.

1. Prom Coast Eco Glamping

No matter whether you are an amateur glamper, or a trained one, planning to stay for a fortnight or thinking to camp for a day, Prom Coast Eco Glamping is the place not to be overlooked. You will have an experience of a lifetime in the luxurious comfy deluxe bell tent pitched along the Prom Coast. Planning glamping at this site is a piece of cake, you just book your spot, pack and arrive at the place. For the rest of your time at the Eco Glamping, you will be pampered and spoiled as you will find your tent all settled, your bed made neatly and the food served whenever needed. Pin this camping site on your wish board!

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2. Lucky Bay

An hour’s drive from Esperance – a small picturesque town on the southern premises of Western Australia – will take you to Lucky Bay truly a five-star way to camp. The spot nestled within Cape Le Grand National Park is worth seeing for its sparkling waters, bushwalks and miles stretch of white glistening sand. What will be more incredible than pitching a tent on the coast amid the peace and serenity of this place and lying on the white sheet beneath a canopy of stars?

3. Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is packed with great natural wonders from iconic Big Banana, spectacular beaches and marine sanctuary allowing you to enjoy walking among hundreds of fluttering butterflies in the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House and watching aquatic life at Solitary Islands Aquarium. Pitch a camp at the scenic beach and relish the natural landscapes.

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4. Whitest Sand-Booderee National Park

Camping at Booderee National Park gives you a lifetime experience at the world’s blinding-white sand beaches. The white sand glows brightly under the sun alongside the coolness of the blue water making it look like a paradise. The place has three unpowered camping sites Green Patch, Bristol Point, and Cave Beach that are equipped with basic facilities. If you plan to visit the site during the months of June or July, you can see southern right and humpback whales moving northerly to warmer Queensland waters for breeding.

5. Cylinder Beach Camping Ground

This camping spot faces Australia’s prettiest and iconic beach – the Cylinder Beach. The camping ground offers considerable protection from the prevailing winds due to direct North placement and a sunny outlook. Nearby cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and the famous Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel, make the site extremely popular especially during the holiday times. If you plan to go camping there, be sure to reserve your spot beforehand.

6. Tidal River Camp Area

Nestled between Tidal River and Norman Beach is the camping site of Wilsons Promontory National Park which has over 500 sites stretched over 50,000 hectares of land. The ground spoils you by providing all the facilities from showers, flushing toilets, washing machines, picnic, and BBQ areas to allowing you to experience kayaking and snorkelling. Within walking distance of beach, Tidal River General Store provides a range of superstore and emergency items along with food items, gas refills and souvenirs.

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7. 1770, QLD

Settled north of Bundaberg amid deserted bay between sub-tropical forests and glittering blue waters is the best camping ground of Queensland – 1770. The site is named after the second landing of Captain James Cook in Australia in 1770. The campground is managed by Des & Carol who not only is a treasure of local knowledge but are great and friendly host. Whether you go for snorkelling, diving, canoeing, kayaking, boating, fishing or simply for beach walks, this campsite will give you an experience larger-than-life.

8. Talia Caves Campground

This 20 site campground has stretches of coastline to be explored by foot including Talia Beach to the South and stunning sandstone cliff that due to pressure of ocean waves has transformed into a cave. You can enjoy the rock fishing here but be careful as it can be dangerous because of large oceanic waves. The cave formations are worth exploring so forget your OCD for a while and plunge into the wilderness of this place.

9. Sal Salis

Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef is an exotic beach safari campsite lodged in the dunes of Cape Range National Park, some 70 kilometres from Exmouth in the West of Australia. You will find yourself waking up to the song of a bird in the safari-style luxury wilderness tent. You will fall in love with the scenic path of paradise where you can paddle in the warm waters of Indian Ocean, find colourful fish, coral species, turtles and rays on Ningaloo Reef or swim alongside colossal whale sharks and the magnificent humpback whales. There is a lot more to enjoy at the site from relaxing in the hammock, lazing on the beach, spotting red kangaroos and rock wallabies, to savouring chef-prepared meals or sleeping under the blanket of twinkling stars.

10. Cobourg Coastal Camp

 Cobourg Coastal Camp

Amidst the unscathed regions of Cobourg Peninsula and overlooking the scenic waters of Cobourg Marine Park, lies the Cobourg Coastal Camp. The site offers an amazing glamping experience with safari tents located along the clifftop overlooking the bay. You can enjoy your evening nibbles on the clifftop while watching the sunset. The abundance of wildlife here makes you wonder whether you have ever really lived life before.

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Australia is unbeatable when it comes to beachfront camping as the country is home to a range of coastal splendours. If you are planning to spend your vacations in Australia, then have an altogether exotic experience by camping at these grounds.



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