Top 10 Australian Wine to Taste in 2023

Top 10 Wines in Australia for 2023

Let’s get this straight, if you want to enjoy the best food and wine, head to Australia. Australia is a place that offers special cuisines and wines. The country is truly a foodies’ dream with superb seafood, marvellous meats, classy cuisines and wonderful wines. The cuisine and wine of Australia have been influenced from around the globe as it blends the flavour from different continents and brings something different. There are many vineyards and wineries in Australia. But besides these, the regions of Barossa Valley and Yarra Valley located near Adelaide and Melbourne respectively, are famous for the best wine one can ever have. Top 10 Australian wines you should taste in 2020 are discussed below.

1. Arcadian Shiraz

Top 10 Australian Wine to Taste in 2020

Arcadian Shiraz produced by Idyll WIne Co. is among the wines which are a must-try. It can be considered as the best Australian wine and the Best Shiraz. The wine is made by using the grapes from the Murray Darling region of North Victoria. The characteristics of Arcadian Shiraz are dry to medium-bodied. It offers black cherry and plum bouquet with a mix of American and French Oak. this red wine can go with any of your occasions, from formal meetings to casual gatherings.

2. Twisted Sticks Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine has a powerful expression of red wine from Selena Estate Wines making it one of the best wines in Australia. The Twisted Sticks Organic Cabernet Sauvignon is deep ruby in colour due to the presence of blackberries and cassis on the nose. The wine is mouth-filling on the palate and is rich in taste. To finish the wine, black and purple fruits notes are integrated with fine tannins which give it a perfect taste and characteristic.

3. Old Vine Shiraz

Rob Dundon is the producer of Old Vine Shiraz, which is among the best wines in Australia. The fruits for this wine are harvested from very old vines aged 75 to 120 years in Blewitt Springs. The wine has a vivid deep and dark purple colour. The characteristic aroma of this wine is complex with the presence of ripened black fruits, spiced poached plums and chocolate which are blended with the highest quality French oak nuances. The aroma makes it distinguished from other wines of the same category. Old Vine Shiraz is a perfect pair for meaty dishes, beef and cheeses.

4. KARASEK Limited Edition

Top 10 Australian Wine to Taste in 2020

Petit Verdot grapes are used for the production of this full-bodied wine. The grapes used are rich in texture and full of flavours and are sourced from Terra Rossa soils of the Estate, which is a highly profitable region. This variety of grapes is suitably grown in South Australia’s maritime Mediterranean climatic region. The wine has a blended flavour of lifted spices and berry fruit. If you want to enjoy this wine today, it would be good, but otherwise after 20 years in a cellar, the wine will taste even better. It is a limited-edition wine, having only a few bottles in the market.

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5. RedHeads Whip-Hand

If you are looking for the true wine in 2023, then you should enjoy this rick flavoured and bold fruits Barossa’s RedHeads Whip-Hand Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is prepared from the fruits with awesome concentration hand-picked from the vineyards of Barossa and Eden Valleys. The wine although bold in taste, can go well with all kinds of occasions, parties and gatherings.

6. Overland the Edge Shiraz Petit Verdot

A unique blend of Shiraz and Petit Verdot grapes, Overland the Edge Shiraz Petit Verdot, is rich in taste and flavour. The wine has a particular aroma of dark berry fruit with a little spice and vanilla nuances. Taste of the wine is the same as its aroma. It is rich on the palate and gives a hint of complexity in flavour due to oak treatment used during fermentation processes. The fermentation from oak gives it a smooth and enduring finish.

7. Blue Pyrenees Section One Shiraz

Top 10 Australian Wine to Taste in 2020

The Blue Pyrenees Section One Shiraz is originally bright ruby red in colour. This drink with its fragrant blueberry ripened fruit smell is a perfect drink for your night out. Earth, spice and toasty oak also add to its aroma. This drink is basically a blend of dark fruits and liquorice combined with forest undergrowth notes giving it a long-lasting flavour. The fine tannin rosemary finish of the flavour adds more to its taste. The wine has a medium character but a very firm structure. Vibrant flavour due to fruits makes it a perfect combination with multiple foods.

8. KARASEK X Series Sangiovese

We have given our heart to this medium-bodied wine known as KARASEK X Series Sangiovese. The wine has a rich flavour of wild cherry, summer berries and savoury spice. The strong flavour gives a traditional Sangiovese taste. The wine is finished with chalky soft tannins.

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9. Shaw Vineyard Estate 2015 Shiraz

Black cherry red with purple tones, what can be better? Nothing. Here we present to you the Shaw Vineyard Estate 2015 Shiraz, with the perfect blend and the best flavours. The wine has an aroma of raspberry and black fruits with a little cherry. The flavours of the wine are robust and are enhanced with cranberries, forest fruits and subtle spices. The wine is prepared in the vineyard from the spur pruned vines which produce low yield. The fruit from the vines is harvested in cool nights, so as to keep the temperature less than 20-degree centigrade.

10. KARASEK M Series Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine has perfect aroma from the cherries and cassis and a hint of balanced oak. The flavours are a representation of variety and a full-bodied character. It is finished with elegant soft tannins and perfect flavours for the palate.



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