Top 10 Australian Startups to Watch in 2023

Top 10 Australian Growth Companies for 2020

Every year many students graduate from universities, with the diplomas in their hands looking for a job. They face the biggest dilemmas of all. Whether to join a promising big firm or play the gamble of joining a startup. Over the years, there have been many new startups in the market.
One must remember as much as a wager joining a startup is, the owners always have more to lose. It is always a difficult choice, if you join a startup, most of the people you know will keep on telling you the absurdity of your decision. And it is because most of the people don’t know the potential of joining a startup. But when you look at the market you’ll see, there are tons of individuals who are trying to do something because they have an innovative idea for a startup.
Australia is a thorough country, which means that they make sure that they are not lagging on any concept of development. There are many startups in Australia that are working their way towards making a name for them in the market all the while making sure that they are providing quality services to its residents. There are hundreds of unique Australian startups working hard every day so that they could achieve what they believe in. So, here are ten startups in Australia that over time are bound to leave their mark.

POWER LEDGER – Startups in Australia

Founded in 2016, having a very gender diverse team and an innovative idea for a startup, this company rose to fame with its dream of providing P2P solar energy trading blockchain technology giving the renewable energy source possessor the choice to sell it to whomsoever they want and at the desired price. Power Ledger was named one of the three finalists in the 2018 XTC. They succeeded in raising $17 million after 190 million Power Ledger token was nipped at ICO in just 72 hours. The company was founded by Jenni Conroy, Jemma Green, Dave Martin and John Bulich and it will be enough to say that it is one of the most successful startups in Australia and is working harder every day to serve its purpose.



Speedlancer  Top 10 Australian Startups to Watch in 2020

In today’s world, more and more people are drawn towards freelancing. Freelancing is working on a project of one’s choice and according to one’s conditions. Unlike the hierarchy of an office, freelancing is a freer yet equally rewarding way of utilising your skills. Speed-lancer, a Sydney-based startup provides innumerable opportunities to freelancers in all fields. Providing a market place to over 450 freelancers and offers a unique service to its clients; all tasks are delivered within a span of four hours. It was founded by Adam Stone, and today this freelancing site supports freelancers and has many big companies as its clients. There are a few startups in Australia offering these services.



flurosat  Top 10 Australian Startups to Watch in 2020

Founded in 2016, FluroSat, one of the few unique Australian startups, is an agrotechnical platform that determines the quality of crops using satellite and drone imagery. Its CEO is Anastasia Volkova, who want to ensure global food security and quality. They work towards helping farmers in making proper usage of various farming practices as well as advising different methods about how to improve crop growth and quality. Their goal is to use the modern technologies for the betterment of the food crops and thus they want to provide easily accessible information to the farmers and to all those involved in the agriculture sector.



INAMO  Top 10 Australian Startups to Watch in 2020

Talk about hassle-free payment method. Won’t it be so much easier if you didn’t have to carry your wallet around all the time even for the smallest of payments and making you an easy prey of pickpocketing? Imagine being able to wear your wallet, won’t it be so much easier and convenient. Inamo provides all this. It has created a range of wearable wallets that are embedded with NFC payment chips. Inamo, one of the most innovative startups in Australia products can be easily attached to your watch or fitness band or any other wearable electronic device. It has launched three wearable products The Classics, The Curl, The Wave making it the first of its kind to sell prepaid devices of such kind. The company has risen to fame and has been featured in many magazines like The Australian, Financial Review and many more of such kinds to honour such an innovative idea for a startup.



Wedding planning is a tiring job, especially for the bride and groom to find a wedding planner that suits their style and as well as takes into consideration the amount the concerned party are ready to spend. The founder of this company is Paul Carr. This company’s USP is that it provides the users with wedding suppliers keeping in mind their likes and dislikes so that they won’t have to waste time to weeding them out themselves. A perfect example of unique Australian startups. Finding the perfect venue for a wedding is nothing short of a headache, this startup takes that responsibility off your shoulders and provides you with venues that suit your style, requirements and pocket. Over the years, this business has risen and has helped so many brides and grooms in choosing the perfect venue for their wedding. This startup is unique as compared to many new startups in the market.


BenchOn-  Top 10 Australian Startups to Watch in 2020

One of the new startups in the market, a Brisbane startup that is nothing short of a miracle worker for those looking for jobs and are currently being unsuccessful at it. This smart startup pairs non-working employees with big companies and agencies that offer short term service contract. Not only those it helps the concerned company and person it also boosts the economy of the country. Founded in 2016 by Tim Walmsley, this startup has achieved a lot of success over the years and has also worked hard in serving its purpose. Not only has it acquired over 300 clients, but it has also been able to administer over $50million worth contracts. Attracted by this innovative idea for a startup, Tim has a team of employee’s working day and night to offer more than they are. His



A startup that was created for serving a noble cause. Founded by Elliot Smith and Matthew Brown, the company works towards creating a cost-efficient, faster, precise test for diagnosing Prostate Cancer. It wishes to eradicate its test of the side-effects that current techniques have. The current tests have a false-positive test result rate as high as 75%. Thus, they wish to develop a test that is neither cumbersome on the patient’s health nor pocket. They have gained a lot of name for their research. It isn’t every day that people work for something other than themselves.



In today’s polluted world, healthy food is nothing less than a luxury. Pesticides, insecticides as well as hundreds of other harmful chemicals destroy the actual nutrient content of food making it not only unhealthy but also harmful for our body. And though many new startups in the market promise to offer this, Sprout Stack tries to provide healthy food to everyone. Based in Sydney by Francisco Caffarena, is one of the few environment-friendly startups in Australia that aims to provide healthy food to the communities helping them live a salubrious life. Sprout Stack has carved a name for itself by doing what many companies have failed to do so. And unlike many other companies; they do in a cost-efficient manner.



Afterpay  Top 10 Australian Startups to Watch in 2020

There are some great ideas for a startup and then there is this innovative idea for a startup, if you are thinking of easy payments then Afterpay is what you have been waiting for. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the best way to pay for stuff without any hassle. You can buy the product today and pay for it in a fortnight in equal four-day instalments. You can buy whatever you like without worrying about the costs. It was launched by Nick Molnar and it skyrocketed through the stock market. And for the innovative idea of easy payment, Afterpay has been rewarded by many awards like FinTech Innovator in Payments and FinTech Organisation of the Year.


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