Top 10 Australian Meal Ideas For Christmas 2023

10 Christmas 2023 Australian Meal Ideas

Christmas days provide families with the opportunity to get together and enjoy an exciting festive time. The article below summarises the top ten Christmas 2019 Australian meal ideas to complement the merry season. If you like salty or sweet meals, the ideas offer something for every person.

1. Roast Lamb

Top 10 Australian Meal Ideas For Christmas 2019

Roast lamb cooked in olive oil presents a warm and tasty method to enjoy Christmas Day 2023. Add some baked potato and veggies to make the meal look perfect. This Australian meal aims to provide the whole family with a good lunch or dinner option.

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2. Traditional Roast Turkey

The traditional roast turkey with lemon and spices offers a magic Australian meal opportunity for Christmas Day. Compliment the meal by adding baked or cooked potatoes and vegetables. This traditional Australian meal allows families to enjoy a day representative of hope, love, and care.

3. Special Salmon Dish

The special salmon dish with herbs and lemon offers a preferred choice for fish lovers. The Australian meal idea allows for different flavours and added salads to make the opportunity something to remember. Add a green salad to the fish and allow for a great Christmas 2023 meal enjoyable by all family members.

4. Cold Meats and Salads

Cold meats and salads provide a multi-purpose Australian meal for all tastes and preferences. People who prefer vegetarian type foods focus on the salads while hardcore meat lovers can enjoy both. This meal option allows for an all-day Christmas meal experience.

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5. Traditional Ice Cream Cake

The traditional ice cream cake allows for a unique traditional dessert on Christmas day. The Australian meal idea provides a lovely sweet taste opportunity to celebrate the festive day.

6. Raspberries with Icing Sugar

Raspberries with icing sugar present a sweet and tasty Australian meal dessert idea. The easily made dessert allows for something light after your big protein meal. Excellent idea to use after your Christmas lunch.

7. Roasted Chicken

The roasted chicken provides a much-loved Australian meal idea during the festive season. In addition to the protein, add diverse vegetables for example pumpkin, peas, carrots or broccoli. It allows for a warm-feel meal enjoyable to the whole family.

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8. Maple Glazed Ham

Maple glazed ham during Christmas 2023 provides a tasty Australian meal option. The ham option with cherries and pineapple presents a wonderful meal idea for pure enjoyment during the festive season. Ham offers a suitable meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

9. The British Imported Mince Pie

The British imported mince pie always provides colouring during the festive season. This meal option used as a dessert or to snack on throughout the day allows a wonderful traditional meal idea. The mince pie contains diverse ingredients for example fruits, currants, sultanas and many more.

10. Prawns


Australians love their prawns cooked or placed on a BBQ presented in different stylish ways. This option allows a fantastic meal option during Christmas 2019. Add different salad types to the enjoyable meal and a good glass of wine.

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