Tips That Make Toothbrushing With Your Kids Fun!

Brushing twice a day keeps a whole range of dental issues at bay! Parents have an opportunity of having their children adopt the best habits. Right from a young age, caregivers should promote oral health, which starts from the mother of all – tooth brushing. Did you know you can make toothbrushing fun for kids?

Read on to discover how to make your youngster warm to teeth care.

Be a role model

Typically, children look up to different role models to shape their behaviour. Setting a positive example regarding oral health is an excellent way to pass down your influence without much effort.

Brush your teeth as they watch you while making comments along the way. They should learn that brushing twice a day is a compulsory activity. Don’t forget to mention that this habit keeps your mouth feeling fresh and fosters milky white teeth.

Opt for a kid toothpaste

Kid toothpaste is designed to encourage youngsters to look forward to tooth brushing. From great taste to delight from favourite characters of all times, it’s easy to see why. The toothpaste is available at your local grocery store. Ask your dentist for recommendations to avoid sacrificing efficacy.

Switch roles on your next dental visit

Who says you must always be the parent in your play? Over time, dentists have realised that children learn better with role play. It helps them build self-regulation and emotional intelligence. Allow your child to play different roles during oral care, dental visits, and tooth brushing. It transfers anxieties, creates positive associations, and shapes life skills. It is very impactful for children who tend to feel anxious in such situations. Start by taking turns being the dentist and patient and go the extra mile by adding dolls and soft toys for some entertainment.

Get creative with some children-inspiring tools and games

Tools like gadgets can be the perfect way to uphold your child’s motivation and constancy. If devices are not feasible, you can try out the following without spending a fortune:

●       Sticker charts

Don’t undermine the power of sticker charts in inspiring your kids! Select an ideal reward based on their likes. It could be an activity or a toy. Then choose a reasonable goal that will match your child’s requirements. It should be realistic and achievable to boost the chances of attaining and enjoying it. It will motivate them and create optimism with tooth brushing.

●       Timers

Timers incorporate a great deal of fun while effortlessly encouraging your children to brush in the recommended time of two minutes. Timer options include a two-minute song, an egg timer, or an electric toothbrush that features an in-built timer.

●       Games

Games can make toothbrushing exciting and fun for everyone in your home says this expert dentist in Farmington. You can’t separate kids and their love for fantasy games. There couldn’t be a more perfect time to add a tooth fairy to the equation. Or discover who is speedy enough to get to the bathroom first. Also, watch out for their favourite programs and add a little bit of creativity, and who knows? You may be nurturing the next dentist!


Set for your child’s first visit to the dental clinic? Dentists understand the importance of this endeavour and can help you through it. Typically, it is a simple session that only involves a check-up, giving your child a summary of dental tools and their uses, and hopping onto the dentist’s chair for an up-and-down ride. Calling ahead can help make the experience more successful.

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