Tips On The Window Replacement Process

Windows are the mirrors of the home. They reflect an image of how your entire looks without having to get to the inside. It is therefore important to ensure that as a homeowner, your windows are always in the best possible condition at all times. If the windows are not in good shape window replacement project might be your best solution.

There are so many reasons why homeowners should consider replacing their windows. If you have already identified that your windows require replacement, the next thing is to wonder how the project will be done. The following are tips for window replacement projects.

1. The parts for Window replacement

The parts that are used for replacement windows should effectively fit into the existing opening for the window without trouble. For these to be possible, it is important to understand different window sizes so that you can identify the most favorable for the window opening in your home.

Another important factor in the parts for the window is considering the current type of window and the type of window you are considering for replacement. It is important for the window replacement to be an upgrade of the existing window.

When buying windows, you should consider your budget because it does not end there, as there is also the cost to replace windows.

If you are using the existing frame, it might be a challenge to install a different window type from the existing one because it may not fit properly. It is, therefore, important to consider the frame to be used because the frame goes hand in hand with the window fitting.

2. Measuring for replacements

The installation is not the most important step in the windows replacement project. The important step happens long before the actual installation. This step involves taking the measurements of the existing window frame to ensure the windows you purchase or order for replacement are of the correct size.

The step of measuring begins by taking the dimensions of the width from the inside of the old window frame. It is important to take the measurements from jamb to jamb and in all the three parts of the width, which are the top, the middle, and the bottom.

When taking measurements, it is important to note down any small dimension to avoid the risk of guessing if you can’t remember later.

The next important dimension to measure is the height of the frame while recording even the slightest measurements taken. You should check how squarely the frame is and take the measurement of the diagonals starting from one corner to the other.

The final measurement that you need to take is the slope of the sill, which is measured using an angle measuring tool. This is important because some window replacements come with an option of sill angles.

3. Taking out the sash

Removing old sash should be done in a careful manner, starting from the removal of the old window frame. Unscrewing the wooden stops needs some extra attention because they can easily break if not handled with care.

You should also pivot the sash upward from one side. This helps separate it from the liners of the jamb.

4. Meddle off the jamb liners

For window frames that have aluminum or vinyl jamb liners, a flat bar is the most effective for the prying process. If the window is original, you should ensure you get rid of any wooden stops that might be on the window frame.

However, it is important to leave the exterior and interior casings just as you found them.

5. Preparing the frame

Before the actual window replacement, you should ensure the frame is in good condition for the new window. This step involves patching any holes that could be present on the frame using any form of exterior-grade wood putty.

You should also make sure you scrape off any paint that could have blistered on the frame. Finally, smoothen the jambs by the sand process and paint the frame surfaces with the color of your choice.

6. Prepare for installation

Before the actual installation of window replacement, you need to ensure the frame is ready and install holes where necessary.

The cost to replace windows varies with different companies and you should take the time to choose the pocket-friendly company earlier.

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Kelly W
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