Tips for Rocking Great Balayage Look

Balayage is a way of lightening your hair using hands to color and blend the hair surface. It is the most common way of doing color treatments on your hair. The process might seem complex but when you become a pro, balayage is one of the easiest ways to add color to your hair.

The major differences between balayage and other forms of hair lightening are the mode of application and the incredible look that it gives your hair. If you are considering coloring your hair using the balayage style, the following are some of the tips you can use.

1. Research And Make Consultations

It is important that you get to understand the entire process and what you expect before you begin the process. Consult experts concerning the different colors available, the different looks, and even the cost of hair coloring. This helps you to make preparations for finances and even what to expect.

2. Enquire On How Many Sessions You Require

It is not guaranteed that you will get the look that you desire with the first session of balayage. Therefore, ask your stylist how many times the exercise has to be repeated for you to get the look that you desire. Your type of hair is the main factor that determines the number of sessions that are required.

Enquiring how many sessions you need help to know how much time you will need to schedule for balayage. This also helps to avoid pressurizing your stylist to give you a certain look within a limited amount of time.

3. Use The Right Amount of Product

Damaging your hair is the worst thing that could happen when trying balayage. Therefore, knowing the right amount of product to use is very important. This does not, however, mean that you use too little product as this might not give you the look that you desire.

Using enough product does not however mean that you should be aggressive on the hair as it might make harsh lines on the hair. Balayage is supposed to be a gentle hair lighting exercise that ensures even coloring of the hair.

4. Use The Correct Product

It is important that you choose the correct type of product for balayage. Ensure that you choose the right one from the many available ones in the market. Mix correctly to get the right consistency which is neither too thick nor too thin.

The painting is only done on the surface of the hair. This means that the mixture should be just thick enough not to go through the hair to the inner hair layers. This ensures that you do not get the inner hair layers colored.

5. Try Different Application Techniques

Balayage is a work of art. Therefore ensure that you use different techniques of application provided you get the desired look. All you need to be careful about is the amount of product that you will use, the amount of product on your brush at a particular time, and the amount of pressure you put during application.

Keep the movement of your hands consistent to get a perfect end result. Balance the product on the entire hair surface and do not overlook any area.

6. Keep It Natural

As much as you are painting the hair, keep the look as natural as you can possibly do. Color the hair in the right angles considering the edges and the areas towards the scalp and face. Balance the product such that the end result does not look like a messed-up exercise.

Getting a more natural balayage also helps to reduce the cost of maintenance. Use the right application techniques that will give you assurance of low costs of maintaining your hair. Use of techniques like baby lights is one way of ensuring that your balayage will be of low maintenance.

The tools that you use in the process are another way of ensuring that you get a perfect look. Use brushes with good bristles that can evenly distribute the product. Uneven brush bristles could give you uneven look that may need retouch which could be a waste of time.


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Aki Zhang
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