5 Movies Like Three Thousand Years Of Longing To Watch

Best Movies Like Three Thousand Years of Longing

Here is our list of Movies like Three Thousand Years of Longing that we are sure you will enjoy. While on a visit to Istanbul, a lonely scholar discovers a Djinn who offers his freedom in exchange for her three wishes as a favor to the scholar.

Three Thousand Years of Longing Related Movies List

Bullet Train

Year: 2022

Director: David Leitch

The story follows five assassins aboard a swiftly-moving bullet train, who will soon discover that their missions have a lot in common.


Year: 2022

Director: Abi Damaris Corbin

When he tries to reintegrate into civilian life after a war with the Marines, he faces mental and emotional challenges that are difficult to overcome.

Bodies Bodies Bodies

Year: 2022

Director: Halina Reijn

In this fresh and funny look at backstabbing, fake friends, and one event that went very, very wrong, a group of rich twenty-somethings plan a hurricane party at a remote family mansion and the party game turns deadly due to the scale of the event.

Confess, Fletch

Year: 2022

Director: Greg Mottola

As the prime suspect in a series of murders, Fletch tries to prove his innocence while simultaneously seeking out his fiancé’s stolen art collection in an effort to prove his innocence.

Speak No Evil

Year: 2022

Director: Christian Tafdrup

There is a Danish family who visits a Dutch family that they met on a holiday in the Netherlands. An idyllic weekend slowly unravels as the Danes try to stay polite in the face of unpleasantness during what was supposed to be an idyllic weekend.

The Best Movies Like Three Thousand Years of Longing

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like Three Thousand Years of Longing, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to Three Thousand Years of Longing.

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