Three sisters Wimlah (918 m), Gunnedoo (906 m) and Meehni (922 m)

Three Sisters

The country down under is truly blessed with majestic beauty. There is refinement and grace spread everywhere. One such marvel is the Three Sisters. These rock formations are very gorgeous. The names of the three sisters are Wimlah (918 m), Gunnedoo (906 m) and Meehni (922 m). They are a part of the Great Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.


They are located in the Blue Mountains in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on the north ridge of Jamison Valley. They are situated just near Katoomba, a well known town of Australia. Although, the Blue Mountain is very popular across the world, but the three sisters is the most popular site of the Blue Mountain.


According to the Aboriginal legends, the Three sisters are actually the three sisters of Katoomba tribe that resided in the Jamison Valley. The names of the sisters were Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo. They were in love with the men of the Nepean Tribe, a neighboring tribe. The marriage with the men of other tribes was forbidden according to the tribal law. The men were unhappy and decided to capture the three sisters. This insinuated a war. The sisters were converted into stones by an elder witch doctor, who was killed in the war. So, there was no one to turn the sister back to normal and thus they remained stone forever. This legend is considered as the Indigenous Australian Dreamtime legend.

Scientifically, the Three Sisters are a result of land erosion. They are formed by the erosion of the sandstone of the Blue Mountains by rain, wind as well as river.

Three Sisters

Things To Do

To soak in the beauty of the Three Sisters, visit the Echo Point Visitor Information Centre. From here, you can appreciate the real beauty of the Blue Mountains.

From the echo point, there is a bushwalk trail that will take you to the Three Sisters and then down to the floor of the valley through 800 stone and steel stairs known as the “The Giant Stairway”. Walking the bush and the stairway is a must do.

If you trek further you can reach the base of the Katoomba Falls. The trek is 1.5 kilometres. When you are in Blue Mountains there are several other attractions like the scenic railway & cable car and the Zig Zag Railway. There are many heritage villages, and farming communities that deserve a visit. A 3- day guided walk on the 6 foot track that starts from the Katoomba to the Jenolan Caves is also a must try.

Accommodation is not at all a problem in the Blue Mountains. If you stay in the Blue Mountains, you will be able to absorb the scenic beauty of the Blue Mountains by going on morning walks and also take in fresh mountain air.

The landmark look amazing at the cliff of Jamison Valley. They are a true wonder of nature and carry an interesting story behind them. They are a very popular tourist spot. So, when you are in Australia, do not miss to visit the Blue Mountain and these wonderful rock formations.

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