Thinking, Fast And Slow by Daniel Kahneman: Book Review

Summary of Thinking, Fast And Slow

What did I like the most? The description of the human brain as an object. The functions of system one and system two further elaborated make the book worth reading. 

The human brain, the prime object decided by the author to focus upon, is the subject of this book. A continuous and struggle goes on in the human brain to control one’s behaviour and actions. Maintaining a balance in memory, judgment, and decisions is needed to move and achieve success. Thus where to trust one’s gut feeling and where to avoid it. When and how to act mindfully has to be decided by the person themself.  

The two determines of one’s behaviour are the conscious mind and the other automotive. 

System 1 is Automatic and Impulsive: 

While crossing a street, suddenly, a car appears from nowhere, violating the red traffic lights. Immediately one tries to save their life, looking for a safe exit from that scene. While sitting in front of the Television, one is watching a soccer match. The team which the person supports scores a goal and wins; the person dances in joy. This is getting impulsive.

System 2 is Conscious and Considerate: 

This system has self-control as the primary determiner. The second determiner is attention. The author thinks that this system is only a few thousand years old. The brain now has to work more than the primitive man, whose only concern was protecting their lives. Now the challenges and priorities have changed completely. In the primitive stage of humanity’s history, man had to look for shelter, arrange food, and thus life was secure. Over time, man’s needs took dimensions other than physiological needs. 

To live like a responsible citizen, maintain a family, work as an employee, or do business, the brain and its functions became complex day by day. Systems 1 and 2 often fight for supremacy and a conflict inside any modern-day man and woman. Thus, the ongoing strife decides how a person acts and behaves. 

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