Things to do in The Rocks Markets – Sydney, Australia 2022

The Rocks Markets In Sydney

Get a taste of local fashion & jewellery, unique arts & homewares, gourmet street food, and handmade sweets at The Rocks MarketGet yours today! What does a shopper need? A good market, of course. And what does a good market need ? Amazing products & reasonable price, I guess. The Rocks Market, Sydney, fulfils these expectations. But what makes it stand apart is the leisurely vibe it emits.

A hub for the culturally and historically significant stuff, this small market is everything opposite like that mall in your town, yet significantly same! (confused, aren’t you ?)

Rocks market by stefano / CC BY-SA 3.0

Extending from George Street to Playfair Street, The Rocks, Sydney, Australia, the market is a weekend set-up, primarily a cluster of about 100 stalls. Opening from 10 am – 5 pm, on Saturdays and Sundays, the market attracts a huge number of visitors, and is a major go-to place while visiting Sydney.

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Features :

Basically, an aboriginal craft Mecca, this open-air market satisfies almost all kinds of shoppers. Cruising through the market, soaking in the wonderful stuff on display amidst a lazy atmosphere is quite an experience! One is tempted to stop and admire the Aboriginal creativity, set in front of the mesmerizing colours of the Sydney Harbor. Although one finds possibly everything one desires in a market, it is significantly famous for the traditional Art&Craft wares, showcasing the immense calibre of Aborigines creativity, along with detailed and beautiful insight into Australian history. After all, it is only here, that you can shop your fill, with seemingly no worries that the stock might run out! It’s a market, alright, but quite a different, traditional and authentic one. And yes, there is a Friday foodies market too, for all you gastronomy Gods.

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Places to go :

Let us look at some of the designer stores of The Rocks Market.

Jewellery&Design –

‘Studio 106’, ‘Mo Resin’, ‘Glass Act’, ‘Living Fossil’ etc. are some stores, either signature or multi-product, displaying crafted designs ranging from jewellery & paintings to textiles, households, and showpieces. Mostly an Aborigine deign creations, one couldn’t possibly find such rustic and exotic accessories anywhere else. The craft pieces let us know more about what real Aboriginal Art is.

Clothing&Homeware –

‘Wendy McLean’, ‘Mermaid Rock’ etc. are designer stores specializing in high-end clothing and home-accessory retailing. Shopping here is a wonderful leisurely experience with time behind us and the exquisite collection at our feet. What more ! chic designs and cool crafts do make us look sassy. Well, one can’t complain while shopping here.

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Food&Liquor –

As famous it is for traditional craft, The Rocks is popular gastronomical heaven too. Visitors love taking a break, relaxing and bonding over the beautiful views, lively cum leisurely atmosphere while munching on some of the most exotic kitchens produce, rejuvenating their taste buds. Local food, along with international cuisine are all part of the Friday Market as well as the weekend market. ‘Orient Hotel’, ‘Biltong’, ‘Licorice Rocks’ are some of the places worth having a go.

Conclusively, The Rocks Market is a rejuvenating experience (mentally, and materialistically). A must visit while on a trip to The Rocks, it’s truly the lifeline of this sleepy little suburb of Sydney.

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Have you been to The Rocks Market? Well, then you might have some interesting artifacts and opinions to show and tell. Comment below and share your experience here.

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