Things To Do in Melbourne for Travelers & Adventurers

4 Things You Should When Visiting Melbourne

Melbourne is surely one of the coolest cities in Australia. From its funky architecture to its great art scene, Melbourne is widely considered to be the culture capital of Australia. On the streets of Melbourne covered by street art, beautiful cafés and beer gardens can be found all over and it’s very easy to find interesting things to do in Melbourne.

Melbourne nowadays offers so much to do and see here are some of the coolest and most attractive things to do in Melbourne. There’s a mix of everything, so you won’t be disappointed for sure.

1. The State Library of Victoria

The historic institution that is the State library of Victoria is visited by more than 8 million people a year. The library was built in 1856 and has nowadays grown into an event space that will definitely take your breath away. Its amazing architecture, original dark wood furniture pieces and walls full of books simply can’t be missed out on. Be sure to visit this amazing Melbourne attraction and enjoy the diversity it offers.

2. The City Circle Tram

This ‘’hop-on, hop-off vehicle’’ is the perfect choice for a quick tow tour.  Cruising between the most important Melbourne attractions, it gives you the chance to hop on and off of it as you wish; as long as you know the location of the stops of course. It will give you the opportunity to take a quick look at the Federation Square, the Old Treasury Building, the Parliament House and the Princess Theater. All this while listening to a recorded tape explaining the most important facts regarding each of these sites.

3. Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens is a huge surface containing thousands of botanic species; be it form Australia or other parts of the world.  If you’re into nature, relaxation, good long walks and fresh air accompanied by an amazing scenery; this definitely is a place to visit. Furthermore, if you’d like to learn a bit more about the entire complex in the process, self-guided audio tours are available as well.

4. Enjoy the Café Scene

The Melbourne cafés are the soul of the city to say the least.  People here are coffee and tea lovers, so it is no wonder the cafés are so popular.  Be sure to take a break from sightseeing in one of the many cozy little cafés around Melbourne. Each of them having a background story that will make your coffee time even more interesting. If you wish to take a proper tour you can do so with Melbourne coffee Tours; where you’ll learn some more about Melbournians and their love for the charming cafés , as well as get the chance to spend a pleasant and relaxing evening in the great city of Melbourne.

We’re sure this short list has only tackled your curiosity and imagination, and that’s just what we wanted. Be sure to visit this vibrant city full of charm, and prepare to be amazed. We’re sure you’ll enjoy your stay, and want to come back.

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