Things That Determine How Often You Should Carry Out Dryer Vent Cleaning

How often one should carry out dryer vent cleaning is usually dependent on a few things. This is because, dirt, debris, and lint usually accumulate on the vent at different rates. The presence of dirt inside the vent reduces the efficiency of your dryer and can even cause a fire outbreak. You should make observations around the laundry room as there are signs that show when it is time to clean the dryer vent.

The presence of dirt in the laundry room, clothes taking too long to dry, clothes having burnt smells, and extremely high temperatures in the room when using the dryer, are some of the signs that show your dryer vent needs to be cleaned. The following are some of the things that determine how often the homeowners should carry out dryer vent cleaning.

1. The Family Size

The number of family members in the house is the first thing that determines how regularly the dryer vent should be cleaned. The larger the family, the more often the dryer vent should be cleaned. This is because, the more people in the house, the larger the amount of laundry that is done.

A large amount of laundry means that there is more debris accumulation inside the dryer vent calling for occasional dryer vent cleaning.

2. Presence Of Pets

If you own pets at home, you might need to clean the dryer vent occasionally. This is because pets usually shade fur that clogs the dryer vent quickly. This means that a home with pets requires regular dryer vent cleaning from an expert dryer cleaner compared to a home without pets.

3. The Type Of Laundry That Is Done

The type of laundry that is usually done at home is another thing that determines how often the duct vent should be cleaned. Some laundry is known to produce more lint compared to other types of clothes.

If you occasionally clean blankets, towels, and woolen clothes, you need to clean the dryer vent often. This is because these types of laundry produce too much lint that clogs the dryer vent very fast.

4. How Often You Purchase New Clothes

Research has proved that new clothes usually produce more lint compared to old clothes. The more frequent you buy new clothes the faster the dryer vent will clog. Therefore, if your lifestyle includes regular purchase of new clothes, you will also need to occasionally clean the dryer vent and make sure it is done by a professional dryer cleaner.

New clothes usually remove a lot of wool especially during the first laundry. Failure to remove the debris from the vent can reduce the effectiveness of the dryer and can even lead to a fire outbreak. Always check for any signs that could show that the vent needs dryer vent cleaning. This will save you a lot!

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