These Two Digital Currencies Can Display V-Shaped Recovery

Astoundingly, the digital currency marketplace seems to be on the way to recovery! The evidence is there in the 4% hike within a span of just 24 hours. The marketplace is showing a figure of $964 billion! It may even cross a trillion dollars by June end. After all, several altcoins are exhibiting gains in double digits!

Amongst all the tokens/coins, is the most reliable app for these two digital currencies displaying a tendency toward V-shaped recovery. They are affordable, and could, therefore, prove extremely useful to investors. They are Shiba Inu (SHIB) and ApeCoin (APE).

V-Shaped Recovery

It refers to a kind of recovery following an economic recession. This recovery takes a ‘V’ shape on a chart. In other words, V-shaped recovery refers to the shape of the chart depicting economic measures created by economists, while exploring recessions and subsequent recoveries. First, there is a decline of fortunes. It is followed by a sharp rise, approaching the peak shown before.

The V-shape is only one amongst other shapes that the recession and recovery chart may display. Other shapes include W, J, L, and U. Each shape states something about the health of the existing economy. Economists look at industrial production indices, employment rates, and gross domestic product, before creating any chart.

A V-recovery shape is also a representation of a sudden fall of the economy, followed by a strong and rapid rebound. Obviously, adjustments made to suit customer demands and take charge of expenditure on businesses, are responsible. Such types of adjustments are viewed as the most suitable for economies displaying recession.

Shiba Inu (SBIH)

A pseudonymous entity, Ryoshi, was responsible for creating this meme coin in August 2020. Furthermore, the coin was launched on the Ethereum blockchain, since it promised fame and security.

It does not matter that Shiba Inu has been on a bearish run, since the end of 2021. Plenty of investors are still interested in it, and even believe that it will get back to a bullish trend soon. Their hopes are because SBIH had shown an inclination to climb by 10%, and beyond. At present, it is exhibiting a gain of almost 50%.

A contributing factor to the coin’s rising popularity is the increasing number of products arriving out of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, to join the existing ones. An example is the launching of a new DEX, recently.

Then again, SBIH possesses a metaverse. This could lead to the initiation of plenty of use cases for the token/coin.

The third factor in its favor is that SBIH is linked to deflationary tokenomics. Approximately 50% of the total supply has already disappeared. Many coins were taken over by the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. After receiving them, he went on a burning spree, thereby removing many Shiba Inu tokens from circulation. However, a major share of the profits went to several charities. One of them was the India COVID-19 Relief Fund.

In October 2021, Shiba Inu was worth $0.000008063. Since then, it has incurred a decrease of 90%. Its worth is now $0.00008. SBIH’s market cap stands at $4,427,001, 704. It stands at 17th position on the list of top digital currencies.

Unlike other altcoins, SBIH is community-based. Therefore, the token’s success is in direct alignment with the success/growing reputation of the Shiba Inu community.


April 2021 witnessed the launch of ApeCoin (APE), a native coin of BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club). The developers were Yuga Labs. With its launch, BAYC became the top collector of NFTs, supported by a vibrant community.

True, ApeCoin suffered the effects of the crypto crash too. It crashed from a high of $26.3 to $4.6. Regardless, its fans have not stopped purchasing it. As a result, it has managed to rise by 38%. Investors hope to see it rise still more in the future.

Apart from that, commercial establishments are keen to accept it as a mode of payment for online purchases. An example is Saltwater Brewery. Then again, it is showing an increasing use case in the Metaverse. An example is Benji Bananas, which lets players use the coin for monetary transactions.

Thus, with the sales of merchandise with payments via Ape NFTs, and the support of the Metaverse, ApeCoin should soon be going places in the crypto arena.



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