TheCoinTrust Review – An Ally for Retail Traders

Retail traders need a reliable broker that they can trust. In addition, this broker must have the tools, market access, and an easy-to-use platform. TheCoinTrust ticks all these boxes and does more to ensure users can easily trade. Additionally, TheCoinTrust helps users to build a solid portfolio by providing portfolio analysis and tracking tools. As a result, the platform has become a top choice among retail traders just starting as it has established itself as an ally to retail traders.


Traders always want an edge when they trade assets which makes it important that they have a full-fledged broker they can use. This TheCoinTrust review examines your advantages when signing up for the brokerage. Want to know why this platform would suit your retail trades? Keep reading our review.


Features of TheCoinTrust

Fractional Asset Units


Traders have access to fractional asset units when they use the TheCoinTrust platform. Fractional units are beneficial when traders want to purchase an asset but do not purchase the whole unit. It helps users get a better handle on their portfolios and do not need to break the bank to have certain assets in their portfolios. TheCoinTrust has made fractional assets available for all markets, allowing traders to hedge their portfolios properly. In addition, fractional asset buying makes it easier for newbie traders to build a solid portfolio with their limited budget.



Portfolio Tracking and Analysis


The TheCoinTrust platform provides portfolio tracking and analysis tools. These tools allow users to look at the assets in their portfolios to see how well the assets are performing. For example, traders would be able to see how each asset is performing and the price history of each asset. These tools are a crucial part of the platform, and it allows users to have a better sense of how their trading strategies are doing. It also helps traders change their strategies to suit the realities of their portfolios. As a result, portfolio tracking and analysis help traders make the most of their trading strategies and build a strong portfolio.



Zero Opening Balance


TheCoinTrust does not need users to have a minimum opening balance when creating an account. Some brokerages require users to open their accounts with a minimum balance which is a barrier for some retail traders. The platform has removed this barrier as users can sign up without putting money in their account and fund it only when they are ready. This non-requirement allows more retail traders to access trading and reduces the challenges they face when they open brokerage accounts. With TheCoinTrust are assured of decent service and a brokerage that puts them first.


Learning Materials for Traders


TheCoinTrust provides learning materials for users to become better traders. These materials are suitable for all traders, and they would help them develop their trading skills. Beginner traders would be able to develop their skills while they build their portfolios. Additionally, expert traders will learn more advanced strategies that will help them sharpen their skills. These learning materials are available for download, and traders can go through them at leisure. These materials further prove TheCoinTrust commitment to its users.


Access to Multiple Financial Markets


TheCoinTrust gives its users access to multiple financial markets where they can trade and buy assets. These assets can be traded using the tools available on the platform, and traders can add these assets to their portfolios as they please. Some of the assets available on the platform include options, stocks, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. Users can browse through the long list of assets to determine which ones they would like to add to their portfolio. These assets give traders more choices when building a portfolio and allow them to hedge against market shocks and volatile price movements.




The TheCoinTrust brokerage is an ally to retail traders as it offers them the tools they need to build solid portfolios. Additionally, it gives them the learning materials to improve their skills and become better traders. If you want more information about the TheCoinTrust platform, visit the website for more details.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.



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