The Truffle Festival Canberra Region

Truffle Festival Canberra

                       Various Venues, Various Locations, Canberra, 2618

The Truffle Festival – Canberra Region was the brainchild of Wayne Haslam and Fred Harden. The Truffle Festival-Canberra Region is a definitive foodie celebration.

Created in 2009, The Canberra Region Truffles Festival was initially named the Capital Country Truffle Festival. The point of the festival was to make a market opportunity for nearby cultivators; to instruct the local chefs and general society about how truffles can be cooked and enjoyed.

How To Experience This Truffle Festival

From humble beginnings, the festival has developed into a yearly festival of truffle, however of the Canberra district in winter, and the delightful food and wine encounter that is the ideal chilly climate indulgence. This region highlights the harvest of the black truffle. Canberra has the ideal environment for truffle development, with cold winters and blistering summers

Annual Festival:

Now in its 14th year, the festival is overseen by the Canberra Region Truffle Festival Association; a group of dedicated volunteers, who exceed all expectations to keep this magical celebration alive every year.

Festival Months:

From June through until August 

Black Winter Truffle Growers:

Damian Robinson & Lindsay Davey

Wayne Haslam

Anne & Denzil Sturgiss

Barbara & Richard Hill

Tricia Lockart and Rainer Kwast

Why This Festival

The Truffle Festival works as a promotional umbrella for truffle occasions hosted from a wide range of locations and businesses all through the district, including key mark events coordinated by The Truffle Festival – Canberra Region Association.

Further Queries:

These mysterious fungi have been invisibly cultivated in our area, turning into the uncommon and fragrant ‘dark diamonds’ valued by chefs and foodies alike. This Festival is your opportunity to get very close to this significant fungi.

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