The Technologies That Make The Life of Busy Parents Easy

Top Technologies For Busy Parents to Ease Their Life

If you are busy handling daily household chores such as laundry and calling out children for dinner, then consider the Israeli technologies that have the potential to make your life easier. Parenting is a busy job; it involves inquiring about your children’s well-being, endless housekeeping, cooking, and even laundry. You need not despair since help is on the way from the start-up community. Technology gets branded as every parent’s worst enemy with zombie children, confusing terminology, and obnoxious screen time; however, technology can be a saviour. Technology has evolved to the point where you can now order an essay for your child in a couple of seconds and pay for homework and your child will get a great grade and a good response from the teacher. Technology has the possibility of making life more hassle-free by ensuring that you are on top of everyone’s medication or aiding you to get everyone around the table. This article will explore salient technological innovations that can make the life of busy parents easy.

Figure8 Carpooling App

Children must get involved in several activities after school. It isn’t easy to figure out how to get them out there and back on time. Figure8 is an app started by an irritated carpooler that allows parents to create carpool communities free from last-minute mistakes and nagging phone calls. Parents get to communicate and get updates of drop-off changes, pick-up, and driver switches. There are no random drivers in the community, and parents assure their child’s safety.

TytoHome Exam Kit

The majority of the parents woke up in the morning and spent a lot of time in the pediatrician’s when a child got sick. The TytoCare telehealth allows parents to allow the doctor to examine the child remotely from the comfort of their house without quieting in the germ-filled and time-wasting waiting rooms, it is like ordering the help from the best assignment writing service. TytoHome telemedicine app and kit enables parents to perform a medical examination on the child with assistance from a general physician in real-time.

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Time Too For Managing Screen Time

If you argue with your child on screen time, then you will not waste time anymore. Time Tooo app allows parents to switch off children’s screens by simply pressing a button. Therefore, parents can shut down children’s screens anytime or even plan screen-less weekly, daily, or permanently. There is no more late into the night YouTube time.

Medisafe Meds-Management App

The Medisafe company is the brainchild of two brothers Rotem Shor and Omri, whose diabetic father by mistake overdosed on insulin, hence putting his life on the line. Medisafe’s objective is to make medicine management easy and simple, safe, and easy-to-use. This app sends reminders when you require to take your medication and can even inform you when the prescription is getting low.

Temi Personal Robot

This robot enables parents to read the children’s bedtime story or even check on them in the rooms without leaving your emails. Though it looks like a vacuum cleaner, Temi does not clean the house. Instead, it displays video and calls the Internet using voice command, thus enabling parents to get in constant touch with the children.

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FoldiMate Laundry-Folding Machine

This machine by Gal Rozov folds laundry within the shortest time possible. As a parent, you need to feed the machine with clothes that you need to fold—the folding criteria based on the user’s preference and the item size.

Family Dinner Bell

This app seeks to end the dinnertime-shouting match that food is ready. The one making dinner needs to create a food group and then, with easy calls, everyone to the table to partake the dinner.

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