The Next Bitcoin Will Likely be Cannabis and CBD

Cannabis and CBD Will Be The Next Big Deal in The Market

It is a widely understood concept that when it comes to science, you can never be certain about a fact or theory because our understanding of nature and this universe is constantly evolving. As we carry out more research, our understanding develops and at times we add new information to old theories and at times replace old theories with better ones.

This phenomenon is known as paradigm shift and it is quite a common occurrence. There was a time when the Ptolemaic model of the universe was widely believed, the Ptolemaic model believed that the earth was the centre of heavens. This paradigm was changed to the Copernician model when, in light of new data scientists became convinced of the heliocentric model.

The same applies to medical science as well, which is currently going through a paradigm shift that is linked with Cannabis. The usage of Cannabis was criminalized because it was mainly used as a recreational drug. It got the negative connotation of being a gateway drug that led to other more serious addictions. This concept is now being challenged, under light of new research that is emerging.

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The new studies and research being done suggest that Cannabis has got medicinal properties that simply cannot be ignored anymore. There is a reason why nature created this plant, with psychoactive elements within it. The purpose was not to get humans addicted to it, but to provide relief for some of the ailments that human beings are prone to.

Cannabis for instance, has now been proven to be useful at reducing and treating chronic stress, depression and anxiety. Patients suffering from these crippling mental illnesses, no longer have to rely on drugs like Prozac instead they can use the more natural remedies in the form of Cannabis based products to treat their mental illnesses.

One major usage of Cannabis has been identified in treating Dravet’s syndrome in children. This is a particular type of epilepsy that turns into a debilitating condition for the children suffering from it. Previously there was no way to treat Dravet’s syndrome but now in countries where medicinal cannabis is legal, there is a way to treat this debilitating condition among children.

The research on the medicinal uses of Cannabis is in its initial stages right now and the results that have been produced thus far have been encouraging. Which is why there has been a marked increase in the funding to biological and medical research labs, to carry out more research on Cannabis. Cannabis based products such as tablets, hemp oil products, creams and ointment are already being produced but the potential for this sector of the pharma industry to grow is limitless.

Cannabis may very well be the next bitcoin if you look at the amount of funding that is being directed. Between 2010 and 2018, almost $1.56 billion were channeled into Cannabis research in USA, UK and Canada alone. From 2018 onwards, there has been a marked uptick in funding because of an increase in interest. Roughly around $20 million have been funded to various institutes as grants and gifts to carry out further research on the medicinal properties of Cannabis, in particular CBD. Cannabis based stocks, have due to this heavy funding, shown a good performance because the pharma sector is now realising that cannabis based medicinal products are going to be the new cash cow for them.

The reason why Cannabis is being hailed as the new Bitcoin, is because firstly, the uses of Cannabis are being discovered as more research is being done. This means that in future more Cannabis based medicinal products are going to be available. The market right now is basically in its infancy, the barriers for entry therefore are very low. Any company or investor who manages to secure good market share right now, is surely going to become a major player of the cannabis based medicine sector in the future.

Secondly, there is already a great level of mistrust with “Big Pharma”. People know and understand how big pharma operates, how they have over the years funded studies against Cannabis and other such natural elements that can cure ailments. Prozac for instance is one of the most heavily used drugs in the world, according to WHO depression is the second most prevalent disease in the world right now. Only in the USA $18 billion worth of Prozac is sold annually. So why would Big Pharma want their cash cow to be replaced by a Cannabis based product?

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For this reason, Big Pharma has funded both research and legislation against Cannabis legalisation but as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is a paradigm shift occurring in the world right now. Even big pharma has started to realize that it would be foolish to not take advantage of the profits that can be made by investing in cannabis based medicinal products. This is exactly why Cannabis is now being hailed as the next bitcoin. The USA, Canada and UK have already legalised Cannabis use in medicines and they are relaxing their laws even further. Australia is not too far behind in this shift, there are positive indicators that once the infrastructure for the nascent cannabis based medicinal product industry is in place, Australia will move towards a more broad based legalisation of Cannabis products.

This increase in interest is an indicator that there are profits to be reaped from this industry. Anyone, who invests into medicinal cannabis research right now, will surely profit from it in a matter of years. Yes it does require a bit of patience because the industry is still in its infancy and it requires work on both ends. The back end that deals with research and development and the front end that deals with advertisement and creating awareness among the masses about the benefits.

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