The Importance of Good Seating in a Coffee Shop

If you were to walk around a bustling boulevard, you’d find a coffee shop at just about every corner. Still, even though they’re not in short supply, we tend to stick with a select few shops that work for us – but why? While part of it has to do with our comfort zone, an equally important reason is the design. The lighting, the style, and even the marble countertops are decisive elements that reel customers in and keep them coming back. This means that newbies in the coffee shop business will have a lot more to think about than just the quality latte – starting with the importance of seating!

Saving space, while building your customer base

Even the smallest New York apartment can become a penthouse with the right spatial organization, and the same is true of coffee shops. You don’t need a grand space on Fifth Avenue to attract customers – all you need is smart space utilization. More often than not, high-end restaurants and cafes get it wrong. Instead of focusing on practicality, they turn all their attention to style, making the space dysfunctional for staff and customers alike. Any up-and-coming coffee shop space should create a design that doesn’t restrict movement. Here, there are two elements to consider – the number and usefulness of tables.

Even though an extra table may look like it can fit into the space, the coffee shop is probably better without it. No one, neither customers nor staff, wants to feel suffocated while grabbing their morning coffee. Simply put, sometimes more is less. With that in mind, consider the position of the tables you are putting in. We’ve all heard of the dreaded table next to the bathroom – something your coffee shop could go without.  If you want to create an African paradise vibe, you can buy and add Moroccan coffee tables in your coffee shop.

Putting customer comfort above all else

Once the tables have been optimally set, it’s time to think about their other half – the chairs. A surprisingly large portion of café owners pays little to no attention when choosing the chairs – after all, all they do is go around the table, right? While this is their primary purpose, the right seating can make or break a restaurant, especially in larger cities where the competition is relentless. Thus, coffee shop owners in Sydney or Melbourne will have to choose their seating wisely – but how? The secret is to find the right balance between style and comfort. The chairs should capture and define the overall style of the coffee shop. However, customers should also be able to sit on them for longer periods without cramping up. Your coffee shop doesn’t need postmodern chairs to make an impact. Something classic, like bentwood dining chairs from Sydney, will do the trick – they’re timeless, comfortable, and go with just about any style.

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Establishing a restaurant flow – connecting the frontend and backend

Before placing the tables and chairs down, there’s one more thing worth considering – the coffee shop flow. While it may sound vague at first, the flow represents the way different parts of the shop are connected. Any restaurant or café should have areas that naturally spill over into one another, allowing free and uninterrupted movement. The backend, where the office, kitchen, and storage are, should be easily connected to the front of the shop where the customers are. This way, waiters and staff will be able to get the orders out easily and efficiently. Similarly, supplies stored away in storage will be easy to transfer to the front of the café if need be.

A novel way to go about connecting the areas is by bringing the back into the front. The trend of bringing the kitchen into the front of the restaurant has been a trend for several years at this point, and with coffee shops, it’s that much easier. Bringing the coffee and cupcake station to the front will give your customer’s a glimpse at how the magic happens!


While the issue of seating may have been on the back burner, it should be front and center right about now. Even though it may seem a bit silly, the way your coffee shop flows matters – it’s what gets customers to come back. A comfortable and stylish chair placed in just the right spot may be the reason your coffee shop business takes off. Thus, instead of going big, tone it down and focus on the details!

Aki Zhang
Aki Zhang
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