The High Court Betrays Brexit Vote, Destroys Theresa May’s Plans

 Theresa May’s Plans Destroyed as The High Court Betrays Brexit Vote

The high court ruling that delays Brexit for up to a year is a betrayal to the demands of the British citizens. The Bombshell ruling tattered Theresa May’s plans after the court ruled that the PM “lacks the power” to trigger Article 50.

A panel under the leadership of Lord Chief Justice said the Prime Minister “does not have the power” to trigger Article 50 on her own. Instead, she was ordered to obtain parliament permission before she could proceed with the formal process.

With this verdict, Mrs May will have to fight a tough stand-off with MPs. She will also have to face the possibility of an early general election next year.

Betrays Brexit Vote: Will Appeal this Ruling

The Government was quick to respond after the ruling as expected. It said that it will appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court. It will request for an emergency hearing for 7th and 8th December.

Ministers have already admitted that this bid is the only hope for an early Brexit. In case it fails, a fresh Act of Parliament will have to be passed through the House of Commons and the Lords. That is an action that may need up to 12 months.

It will open an opportunity for the rebel Tory MPs to collaborate with Labour and decide what direction Brexit will take.

The Leave Campaigners were all left seething after the ruling.

Millionaire Wants to Reverse EU Referendum Decision

The Leave Camp has accused Gina Miller and her business backers that she has sinister motives to reverse Brexit. Gina is the one who brought the case to court.

Ms May has also stood defiant, judging by the statement that she made. Through her spokeswoman, she said: “We have no intention of letting this derail our timetable in getting on with triggering Article 50 in the time frame we have set out.”

Pro-Leave campaigners have asked her to call for an election early enough. They want to back her as she still enjoys massive support over Labour.

But No 10 officials have downplayed the possibility of an early election. Her spokeswoman said that the PM’s view is that an election should come in 2020.

Senior Labour and SNP MPs have already threatened to vote down Brexit in case the Government appeal fails.

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