Is The Great Reset Of 2022 Real Or Just Another Conspiracy Theory?

The Great Reset Is Coming

Is The Great Reset Of 2022 Real? – All over the Internet, you can read comments like “The Great Reset is coming!” or “The Great Reset is already here.” You know how you always see homeless people in apocalyptic movies holding signs like “The end is near”? Well, this is sort of like that, or is it? And, BTW, what even is The Great Reset? Find out right now, as well as the three most famous conspiracy theories about the global economy crashing, communism creeping in, and much more!
So, let’s start with a brief explanation.
The Great Reset was proposed by the members of what’s known as the World Economic Forum (WEF). They’re a non-profit organization with the primary purpose of connecting innovative thinkers and world leaders together in one place. All for the unified goal of making our world a better place that runs more efficiently. Or so they say at least. They’re talking about all the world problems we’re facing, social injustice, and then, supposedly, they work to fix whatever needs to be done. Yeah, let’s say that they’re not a bunch of power-hungry fakers. Are they gonna solve world hunger as well? Good luck with that. Still, let’s not judge right from the beginning. It actually sounds good to finally fix at least some of the major world issues we have. So you think to yourself, okay, cool, I wanna join this organization (since it’s non-profit), volunteer, and help as much as possible. Well, guess again brother. Because to join this “elite” community, according to Wikipedia, you need as little as $628,000! Pocket change, really. So be rich or have a money printer. Easy, right? I mean, if you’re asking me to pay a bunch of money to “help,” then sorry, but it sounds sketchy, to say the least. Sounds like they want us to help them, not the world. So it’s definitely a mystery whether these guys are good or bad.
Here is what the WEF and Klaus Schwab, its founder, said. “We certainly cannot deny that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is at the door, and it might not be so bad if it were led by people who do not work in the interests of a small group of people whose goal is complete control and money.” Hi Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Zuckerberg, and others, by the way. Anyway, Schwab continues: “Imagine that some other people are behind our future where they make life easier for every individual without locking him up for no reason, banning him from entering the mall because it’s “private property,” requiring him to be vaccinated, and it is possible, it is possible for the world to be free for all of us to live that way. Well, since you must know that they don’t want freedom, did you know that in that world that has already arrived, they will also recommend to you what to eat? Sounds more than a dictatorship to me but rather like some radical extremist group.“ As we are used to by now, the World Economic Forum headed by Klaus Schwab does not shy away from presenting ideas publicly, right in front of our noses so that you can see what awaits us. This time, on the official TWITTER profile of the World Economic Forum, a video was shared in which you can see what a hamburger with a fish fillet looks like. Which is anything but a fish fillet – it’s an artificial creation of the company from Singapore, AVANT MEATS. This startup company grows fish fillets in its laboratory, taking cells from the fish and “feeding” them the necessary nutrients while it grows on wooden shelves. Ironically, they even “explain” why this is better than natural fish from the river or the sea. You guessed it, “environmental protection.” But this fishy (pun intended) company isn’t the only one. Another company in Israel actually made a 3D-printed T-bone steak. Not sure how that would taste but okay, if you ever try it, let us know. Anyhow, all of this is nothing compared to the wild conspiracy theories below.

The pandemic

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.” – Professor Klaus Schwab. So, obviously, some people on the Internet, especially Reddit, think that he may have even caused it. Guess it’s no longer Bill Gates’s fault, huh guys? This leads us to the next one,

Communism Taking Over The World

As Klaus already mentioned earlier, he wants everyone, not just a certain number of individuals, to have the same equal life. Sounds pretty much like communism, to be honest. You know, no individuality, everyone is the same, and all that commy stuff? He probably wouldn’t call it communism, though, more like “Freedom Fighters” from South Park.

The Rich and Famous Secret Club For Controlling The World

Is The Great Reset Of 2022 Real – According to The New York Post, many famous members are a part of WEF, such as Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Matt Damon, King Charles III, Mick Jagger, and many more. But most importantly – Gretta Thunberg. Okay, if she’s in it, we’re safe; no need to worry about world domination. Because what is she gonna do to take us down? Or right, asks us: “How dare you?” Although the Chinese president, the ultimate commy leader, Xi Jinping, is also a member. So that might actually be worrisome.
Anyway, what is your opinion on this? Is it just an “elite” club for the rich and powerful to hang out and discuss who has more billions, or are these conspiracy theories not actually theories, and we’re doomed? Are they one day simply gonna decide to press that big red button and reset the entire world to who knows what? After all, we’re already entering the Metaverse, just saying.

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