The Efficiency of Using Reusable Face Masks During COVID 19

Reusable Face Masks During COVID 19

 Today the world is badly affected by the worst pandemic of Covid-19. Both the economy and health of the planet is in danger. A lot of people are impacted by the disease and are quarantined in their homes for the safety of others and themselves. In this scenario medical experts informing us about precautionary measures to stop this disease from further spread so we should wash our hand properly by soap/hand sanitizer regularly, we should avoid visiting public places and have to confine us in our homes, social distancing is the key factor to improve this situation. In order to got out to buy some basic necessities of our life (food, medicine etc.)  we have to be super careful in maintaining the social distancing (avoid handshake and hugging) and it should be compulsory for us to use a facemask of medical grade or closer to it. There is a new trend of using Reusable face mask in our daily life .

This also seems a very good improvement that we as a society are responding positively in these difficult times. This awareness is very helpful because now everybody can easily use these type of masks. These reusable face mask are made of cloth of different types and some other available materials. Its job is to block the source of disease (as some viruses spread through air by breathing or sneezing), So basically the mask captures most of our germs making us less of an infection risk to others.  So using these reusable face masks effectively can cause a very good impact on the overall health situation of our society.

There are several types of these face covering and masks e.g. Cotton masks, linen masks, synthetic fibers and tie masks etc. Some face masks are quite expensive for a sizeable number of people So it is advisable to make or buy our own reusable face mask in order to stay safe in this situation. Now we should know the huge benefits of using these reusable face masks first of all they are super cheap in price as it is composed of our daily life materials (cotton, jeans etc.). These are very easy to make in our homes as there is a number of online tutorials so by learning from that the ladies(specially) can easily make the masks for entire family to stay safe. Its key benefit is that its reusable, WHO recommends washing these Reusable face masks once a day with soap or detergent and then dry it. So the germs on mask will be washed out and it will be ready for use again.  Please note that Reusable face mask is not certified as medical device or PPE  and does not guarantee 100%  safety against  Covid-19 contamination ,but it can notably help to prevent the direct touch of your face area and so it act as the first line of defense  against the disease spread. Although it’s not categorize as medical equipment, we cannot deny its importance.

Reusable face mask reminds us not to touch our nose and mouth, that otherwise could transfer germs and viruses after having touched by contaminated surface. So basically it acts mainly as a buffer and reduce the chances of spread of disease in society.  In order to use reusable face mask effectively we have to ensure certain things , it should cover our nose and mouth properly and must properly fits on our face, we should stop touching our face very often and should also wash our hands and face mask regularly. Reusable face mask has and edge on disposable face mask, as to protect the environment from pollution and it creates very less littering effect because of its reuse for a long period of time. We humbly requests the readers to carry on with good hand & body hygiene and maintain social distancing, not touching their face and use reusable face masks (rather than disposable) and safely disposing of them at the end of their useful life.

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