The Boot Breakdown: A Guide To Selecting The Right Car Boot Liner

Improper storage of items like suitcases, fishing rods or grocery items can cause scratches, dents, and other damages to a car’s boot. While they may seem trivial, these damages create room for dirt, dust, and grit to enter the boot and can cause it to wear out rapidly. If left unattended, they can also cause significant damage, resulting in the need to completely repair the boot. 

This process is pricey and can be avoided by using a car boot liner, a product that is designed to protect the car’s boot from damage due to abrasive substances and shock. The liner is also responsible for shielding the car’s carpet from any kind of damage resulting from everyday use. 

However, choosing a boot liner is not easy, and it is essential to check the following before getting a car boot liner:

1. The exact vehicle model

Every car model is different and will have different dimensions. It is vital that when you are looking for car boot liners, you take the car model into account. This will help you find the exact liner match for your car. It often happens that manufacturers release crossovers in the same year when a vehicle was updated from an old generation to a newer model. 

This makes it incredibly important to check the dimensions of the boot before getting a liner. A smaller liner will not provide adequate cover; on the other hand, an oversized liner will curl at the corners. If you are not sure, it is best to revisit the car’s user manual or speak with a professional to find the right size. 

2. Whether your car is a 5 or 7-seater

The number of seats a car has plays a key role in determining the type of boot liner that is required. For instance, a 5-seater car will have a relatively compact boot than a 7-seater car, which will have a more spacious boot. Additionally, it is also vital to note that within the 5-seater and 7-seater models, made years apart, there will also be differences in the size of the boot. 

This is often due to the fact that most models are modified to be space and fuel-efficient. Moreover, there’s always a chance that the boot space could have been altered to make the vehicle more sustainable in accordance with the current regulations (and future scopes). 

3. The type of spare wheel the vehicle has

Every car will have a different type of space wheel. It can either be a full-size spare wheel, a space-saver wheel, or no spare at all. The presence of a spare wheel impacts the size of the boot. For instance, a full-sized spare wheel will need a larger boot area, whereas a space-saver wheel can easily fit into a narrower space, thus a compact boot. 

This detail is essential as you do not want the liner to cover the spare wheel space completely or be tucked on the sides. You may have to remove them while looking for the spare wheel, resulting in an unarranged liner that needs to be rearranged again.

4. Other car-related specifications

The boot is usually the space where manufacturers usually place tools and other car-related gear, making it important to take note of. For instance, if your tyre-changing tool kit has a dedicated space in your boot, you will need to get a liner that allows easy access. Whereas, if you have installed any additional equipment to add more space or require convenience for your boot, you might have to customise the boot liners so they fit perfectly.


Boot liners are essential regardless of how vigorously you use your car. They prevent dirt, grit, and stone chips from causing damage while adding a touch of fineness to your car. However, it is essential that the car boot liner you are investing in matches your car’s model without hindering everyday use. 

Aside from that, you should also take into account the ease of fitting the liner in the boot. A liner that comes with complex instructions will require professional assistance. Always buy accessories from trusted sources so that you do not have to change them too often and have durable and dependable products protecting your car at all times.

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