The Best International Money Transfer App for International Money Transfers

Mobile money transfer apps make sending money internationally convenient, but which app is the best? Depending on where you’re sending money and how fast you need it to arrive, you may find what you need in these highly-rated apps.

Money transfer apps, often known as peer-to-peer (P2P) apps, allow you to move money from one person to another quickly and securely. They allow you to link your credit card or bank account to a digital wallet, making payments easier. You can perform electronic transactions and payments with only a few taps on a mobile device.

The best money transfer apps have positive app store ratings, allow users to transmit money safely, and have no hidden fees. They also cater to customer needs such as international payments, social network integration, virtual wallets, and so on.

You need to send money to someone else in another country right away. You have a smartphone or a tablet in your hand, and you’re looking for the finest app for international money transfers. We’ve got you covered, don’t worry. Here’s a rundown of the best currency conversion applications so you can find the one that’s right for you.


The app’s many features, together with its speed and ease, have placed it firmly in the winner’s circle. PayPal’s brand recognition propels it to the top of the overall category.


  • Instant trust is fostered by name/brand recognition.
  • Simple to set up and utilize
  • Quick and safe


  • Transaction costs are very high.
  • It’s possible to keep the money.
  • Customer assistance is difficult to come by.

PayPal’s money transfer options are versatile, safe, and simple to use, which sets it apart from the competition. You may send money from a PayPal balance, a bank account, or an Amex Send account for free. For a charge, you may also utilize PayPal Instant Transfer to send money right away.

PayPal’s app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows. It only takes a few minutes to download and begin sending money to up to ten individuals at once. You can accept having your name, photo, username, email, and cell phone number shown on PayPal for enhanced protection.

For a quick and safe payment alternative, you may share PayPal.Me link. You may also personalize and track each invoice you send using PayPal’s invoice generating function.

You can send up to $60,000, however, PayPal may restrict the transaction to $10,000 based on the currency you choose.

If you accidentally move funds to the wrong person, you can seek a refund by tapping the contact’s name. If the individual does not respond, go over to the blue pencil icon and choose “disputes,” after which you should contact PayPal.

To keep money in your PayPal account, you may utilize the PayPal Cash Card, a debit card with a daily expenses limit of $3,000 as well as a daily cash ATM withdrawal limit of $400, with a maximum of 30 transactions per day.

When using a credit card to transfer money, consumers pay 2.50 attributed to the role, a predetermined fee. Using PayPal to send international personal transactions costs $2.50 using a PayPal balance, bank account, or through an Amex Send account.

PayPal uses powerful encryption to keep your information safe. If you have difficulty with a transaction, the company monitors it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may also include the PayPal Key, which gives you a brief security code via SMS every time you log in.

PayPal only accepts transfers to US banks and can link with the majority of US banks and credit unions. Unfortunately, some institutions, especially online-only or prepaid bank accounts, are unable to provide you with PayPal access.

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This category was awarded by the WorldRemit app because of its minimal fees, best upfront exchange rates, and no hidden expenses, as well as its ability to transmit to over 130 countries.

WorldRemit can deliver money to recipients in as little as ten minutes. Most transactions are completed within 24 hours, regardless of where the beneficiaries dwell on the planet. When you refer a friend to WorldRemit, both of you will receive a coupon to spend on your next transfer. In addition, new clients may use the discount code 3Free to make their first three transfers fee-free.


  • Worldwide quick deposit choices
  • Simple to use


  • Can only transmit to a select few countries
  • Transfer costs may be complicated.
  • Large transfers to certain locations are subject to restrictions.

The app allows you to send money in a variety of methods, including cash pickup, bank transfer, digital cash, and airtime fill-up, which is why it scored in our top category.

WorldRemit accepts most Visa and Mastercard debit, credit, and prepaid cards. WorldRemit allows payments via Klarna, Trustly, POLi, Apple Pay, and other providers. Google Pay is no longer accepted.

Download the World Remit app for iOS or Android to send money. Choose the nation and amount to send, then input the recipient’s information and bank information. Once you have paid for the transfer, your receiver will be notified by SMS and email when they’ll be able to access their funds.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)-approved WorldRemit prioritizes security by employing stringent verification methods. Teams are employed by the corporation to check accounts for odd behavior.

WorldRemit’s extensive network of local partners collaborates with global banks and financial organizations. For debit, credit, or prepaid cards, you can send up to $9,000 in 24 hours and $5,000 each transaction. You may send up to $9,000 in Apple Pay payments in 24 hours and a limit of $300 per transaction. Before you complete any transaction, WorldRemit displays all fees and exchange rates.

WorldRemit also has a wallet that is only available in a few countries, although any WorldRemit client can send the money to a WorldRemit Wallet.

If you send money to the wrong individual by mistake, WorldRemit may be able to reverse the mobile payments or money transfer transaction. In this case, you should contact WorldRemit as quickly as possible.

Cash App

Cash App, owned by Square Inc., won first place in the low-cost category because it allows customers to send money instantaneously and for free using a smartphone app. Cash App is noted for its quickness, simplicity, and lack of fees (you just pay or get reimbursed).

Cash App also has unique characteristics not seen in other payment processing applications, such as investment possibilities, “cash boosts,” and the ability to purchase and sell bitcoin.


  • There are a lot more options for payment than simply credit cards.
  • Quick and simple
  • It’s a fantastic approach to obtain funds from family and friends.


  • If you give money to the wrong person, you’ll have to rely on others to return it to you.

Cash App was chosen due to its cheap 1.5 percent charge (minimum $0.25) and versatility, which includes the option to purchase and sell bitcoin directly from your Cash App balance.

You may also transfer money from your Cash App account to a bank account or keep money in your Cash App account. To request or pay money, tap the dollar icon, input the amount, then choose whether you wish to request or pay money. Enter the other person’s $Cashtag, phone number, or email address and touch “pay” to send a payment. A Cash App account is required for the recipient.

Within every 30 days, Cash App allows users to send and receive up to $1,000 instantaneously. You can, however, get around these restrictions by proving your identity. Please keep in mind that the app does not instantaneously transfer money.

Cash App accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover debit and credit cards. Users will be unable to deposit funds into the majority of government-issued prepaid cards, even though the app now accepts them. Cash App does not take ATM cards, Paypal, or corporate debit cards at this time.

Cash App employs the most cutting-edge fraud detection and prevention technologies currently available. The Cash App complies with the PCI Data Security Standard Level 1. Sending money to the incorrect person, on the other hand, does not ensure a prompt response; you can only make a request and hope for the best.

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Venmo combines the best of both worlds by providing a quick and easy means to transfer and receive money as well as a possible “parking spot” for your cash. Venmo money may be spent, sent, or transferred to your bank account. As a result of these factors, it won the category of shared expenditures.

You can even add emojis or animated stickers to your purchases to make the experience more engaging.


  • It offers a communal approach to sharing money.
  • Money moves in a second.
  • There is no need to add money to Venmo to make payments.


  • Previous security concerns
  • There is a fee for immediate cash-out transactions to your bank account.

Venmo, a product of PayPal, dominated this category because of its capacity to allow quick and inexpensive money transfers between individuals. Venmo is a peer-to-peer payment system that lets you send and receive money for free. Venmo will charge you 3% of the total transfer amount if you send money with a credit card.

Venmo also charges a 1% fee (up to $10) for rapid bank account withdrawals. You may save money on Venmo or in your bank account.

By selecting a sign-up option and setting a secure password between eight and 32 characters long, you may send money using your iPhone or Android-based smartphone. You must validate your phone number, email address, and bank account details to use Venmo.

A conventional bank transfer to a confirmed checking account via the ACH network generally takes one to three business days to arrive. You may alternatively pick a quick transfer to a bank account or debit card (a 1% charge applies) that arrives within 30 minutes. Venmo should be compatible with all banks in the United States.

To keep information secure, Venmo employs encryption. By adding multi-factor authentication and a PIN to your Venmo account, you may add extra levels of protection. Note: In February 2021, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a Civil Investigative Demand in response to Venmo’s “debt-collection methods.”

The weekly rolling maximum on Venmo is $4,999.99, but users can boost it to $299.99 by producing identifying documents.

You can get a refund if you give money to the wrong individual by accident. Venmo’s support staff can help you if you haven’t received a response or need assistance making a charge request. Venmo makes no assurances about the repatriation of money.

Facebook Pay

Meta Pay won the prize for making it simple to transfer tiny amounts of money using a familiar platform. Meta Pay allows you to make safe and frictionless payments using Meta Messenger, WhatsApp, Portal, and Instagram in several countries.


  • Excellent communication tool in the form of a chat function.
  • Requesting and transferring money is simple.
  • Multiple persons can be added to a money request.


  • It’s possible that it won’t be accessible in all payment methods.
  • Purchase protection isn’t always accessible.

In this area, Meta Pay beat the competition by allowing you to send money or make a gift to organizations that you care about in just a few steps:

  • Send a message to the person you want to reach.
  • Then, on the next screen, press the money symbol and type in the amount you’d want to transfer.
  • The beneficiaries can then tap “pay” to finish the transaction. Meta will lead the receiver through the procedure step-by-step if they don’t already have one.

The operating system you’ll require is determined by the program you’re now using. Meta Messenger Version 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above is supported by the Android operating system. iOS 8 and later versions of the Apple operating system are compatible with the Messenger app.

Meta Pay does not have a minimum transfer amount. The total amount that may be sent is $9,999. Fees must be paid using a Visa or MasterCard debit card or a PayPal account from a US bank. Citizens of the United States over the age of 18 can send money to trusted friends and family in their native country. Meta employs anti-fraud technology, as well as enhanced data storage and protection for credit card and banking information, to keep track of payments. You will be notified if Meta Pay identifies unethical activity. You may protect your information by using a personalized Meta Pay PIN, a fingerprint, or a face ID.

When you add a payment option, your funds are sent immediately. However, it may take up to three business days for your payment source to deposit the funds to your account.

Because the platforms provide instant messaging, audio, video, group chats, and other features, you may personalize your conversations as much as you like.

Only reloadable prepaid cards, government-issued debit cards, bank-issued Visa or Mastercard debit cards, or PayPal accounts are supported by the app. Your money is not kept by the app. If you transfer money to an unanticipated recipient, you can request that they deny the funds if they haven’t yet attached a debit card to their account.

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Zelle won for bank-to-bank transfers because of its ease of use and widespread availability at most banks and credit unions. Users may register with merely an email address or phone number by going to a bank’s website or straight to the mobile app.

Many banks use it, thus it has a lot of advantages.


  • If your bank does not provide it, you can still utilize it.
  • Zelle Quick transfer of money.
  • The funds are government-insured.


  • I’m unable to use a credit card to make a payment.
  • Works only with domestic banks.

This is the only program that enables transfers of money from one institution to another so simple. Zelle users may use the simple software to transmit money to other Zelle users. Money can be sent or received using an email account or a phone number. To send or receive money, users should have a Zelle account. Zelle provides a connection via which money may be sent through text or email.

The app is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play. Fill in the amount you want to send. Payments are often transferred immediately to the recipient’s checking account within minutes. Use the Zelle app, which incorporates authentication and monitoring features, or your bank’s or credit union’s app for maximum protection.

If your bank or financial institution does not already provide Zelle, you can only send $500. You won’t be able to ask for a decrease in your transmit limit. Because you cannot refuse a Zelle payment if the recipient already has a Zelle account, you should know and trust the persons to whom you send money. If the recipient has not yet signed up for Zelle, you can cancel the payment. Go to the activities screen on your Zelle app, choose the transaction you want to cancel, and then tap “cancel this payment.”

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How to compare money transferring apps?

The service underlying an app is an important consideration when selecting one. Before you make a selection, compare these qualities.

Exchange rates

You’ll get various exchange rates from different suppliers. It’s not the one you’ll see on Google or XE, which is referred to as the mid-market rate. Transfer providers add a margin to the exchange rate to cover their own expenses to earn a profit. Always evaluate companies with the understanding that a company with no costs may have a poor exchange rate.


Costs are charged in a variety of ways, including flat prices, percentages, and no fees at all. These fees may vary based on what you’re sending and how it’s being sent. Larger transfers, for example, are usually less expensive, although money transfers made with a credit card might be more expensive.


Sometimes, you may have to send money to anyone urgently. Some businesses specialize in cash pickup, so your recipient will be able to get the money you sent almost instantly. This, however, comes at a higher price. Most vendors will transfer the money in one to four days for a substantially lower fee if you don’t mind waiting.

Geographic location

Regrettably, not all applications are available in all locations. Many enticing money transfer options are geographically and nationally limited. So, when determining which to go with, always choose the ones that are appropriate for your region.

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Convenience can sometimes be sacrificed in the pursuit of a good rate and a low cost. But isn’t the whole goal of executing a transfer online to make it as simple as possible? So make sure you select a service that is simple to use, has a streamlined layout, and allows you to effortlessly transfer money. Check the app store reviews as well to ensure that the program is free of issues and that existing customers appreciate how it operates.

Customer support

Then there’s the issue of customer service. Excellent customer service may make all the difference whether you’re having problems completing payment or otherwise unable to trace a transaction. If you really must speak with someone over the phone, look for a provider who has a live person available during convenient hours. If you want to send an email, make sure your service provider has conveniently accessible email accounts or internet service request forms.


All of the many features and ways for sending and receiving money might get daunting after a while. As a result, we’ve broken down the most crucial things to consider when choosing the best app for you. Your transaction requirements will define how and why you move money, so try to identify the factors that are most essential to you. It might be the transfer speed, the price, the ease of use, the location, or the customer service.

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