The Best Fiverr Gigs to Help You With Our Business

The Best Fiverr Gigs to Help You With Our Business

Fiverr is an incredible resource for enterprising buyers in addition to being an ideal way to start your side hustle as a vendor of products and services. Fiverr started off as “the $5 marketplace,” and while many of the gigs below still have that cheap beginning price, the site has progressed to higher-value services. In fact, the first $10,000 Fiverr gig was sold by a Side Hustle Show guest!

Although the old cliché “you get what you pay for” may be accurate, I believe you’ll find some really useful and fairly priced outsourcing solutions below to help you expand your business.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace where freelancers may offer their services (also known as gigs). It differs from other freelancer platforms in that you do not have to create a project or job as an employer and then wait for freelancers (or employees) to come up and bid on it. Instead, freelancers on Fiverr have their own accounts where they offer services (gigs) for a defined fee, which is usually $5, hence the name Fiverr.

All you have to do is go to Fiverr and look for jobs that you believe would benefit your blog, website, or even your personal life. Keep in mind that, while the site started with $5 engagements, it has now grown to include gigs for hundreds of dollars.

Fiverr makes life easier for businesses

When it comes to building a business, one of the biggest mistakes that many entrepreneurs make is attempting to do everything themselves. This, in my opinion, is the quickest path to burnout. Recognize that you cannot, and should not, accomplish everything on your own. Successful business owners leverage their strengths and recruit individuals who are better at achieving the goals in which they are weak. I recommend outsourcing your mundane, day-to-day chores if you want to expand your business properly.

Answering emails, scheduling, research and development, content authoring, and graphic design are all examples of these tasks. Yes, you could teach yourself these abilities, but you only have so much time in the day to devote to your business. You save time, energy, and money by outsourcing. You should solely concentrate on developing talents that will generate a lot of money.

You may basically look for any work you wish to outsource to a freelancer on Fiverr. Web and mobile design, voice-over, WordPress setup, logo design, and drop shipping are some of the most popular services to outsource. One of my favorite features of Fiverr is the ability to see how many reviews someone has. This may be helpful when outsourcing, as it provides you with assurance that you’ll get something of high quality. Based on their expertise and quantity of reviews, each freelancer will charge a different cost for their services.

Logo design

A logo design is most likely one of the greatest Fiverr gigs you could purchase especially if you’re a dummy when it comes to graphic design, having no concept of what Illustrator or Photoshop represents. We’ve all heard that a logo is highly vital for a business. Even if you’re not a large corporation like Coca-Cola, a modest blog may profit greatly from a professional logo design.

A clean and professional logo can make your website and business stand out from the crowd. Visitors should be able to recognize your emblem and quickly grasp the purpose of your blog, website, or product. So, sure, logos are important, and this is the one item on this list that I would highly suggest you get. A messy or poorly designed logo and website may turn off blog readers or potential clients.

There’s a reason why businesses update their logos regularly to stay current with design trends. If you choose this Gig, you may make a lot of money, but it all depends on your portfolio. If you have the skill and have previously created a logo for numerous huge firms, you might earn $75 to $100 for one logo, making it one of the most profitable Fiverr projects.

Whiteboard and explainer videos

Other amazing Fiverr assignments to consider are whiteboard and instructional videos. Why? Actually, the question should be more along the lines of, “Why not?” YouTube is huge, video marketing is on the rise, and more than 90% of marketers believe video marketing works for them. In addition, an explainer film makes it easier to explain your product, a guide, a lesson, your firm, or anything else. My brother has a whiteboard animated movie production firm, as stated on my about page, and I occasionally help him market his products.

Explainer films are being used by an increasing number of consumers and businesses. From year to year, he’s witnessed an increase in clients. That, I’m sure, will continue as more and more material on the internet is now in video format: YouTube, TikTok, Instagram & Facebook Stories, and so on.

Obviously, my brother’s video services are on the pricey side because he has a ton of expertise and generates excellent movies for huge customers. But don’t worry, you can get your own whiteboard cartoons and explainer movies from Fiverr for a low price. Pricing for explainer video assignments on Fiverr ranges from $5 for 30 seconds to hundreds of dollars. It is up to you, your budget, and the freelancer you choose to purchase the Fiverr gig from, as they all have varying costs and charge extra for things like music and commercial rights.


On Fiverr, you may also discover great voice-over artists with a lot of expertise in their area. You may discover Fiverr voice-over performers that produce studio-quality recordings and can handle a variety of accents and character voices. Some Fiverr freelancers even have experience working with huge companies like Adidas and National Geographic. Look no further if you need a professional voice-over at an affordable rate. Fiverr is a fantastic place to get them. Why? Because, in comparison to other, more costly marketplaces or freelancing sites, you may get high-quality voice-over artists for as little as $5 per 100 words (which comes at about 1 minute of a voice recording).

You may utilize your professional voice-over in a variety of ways, like converting your blog content into audio for a more immersive experience, creating a commercial, creating a whiteboard animated video, and so on. People also buy them for entertainment purposes, such as birthday parties, pranks, and the like. But, because we’re focusing on the finest Fiverr gigs for your site, I suppose they don’t count.


It’s simple to start a blog with WordPress; my guide will show you how in just 15 minutes. So, why should you buy WordPress gigs on Fiverr? You might want to think about enhancing the security of your WordPress blog, resolving problems, or adding new features or personalization to your website.

Oh, and to speed it up if you’ve overloaded it with plugins, which is causing your website to load excessively slowly for visitors. Website performance is incredibly crucial these days, and Google has embraced it as a ranking factor. So a sluggish website is not something you want.

Content writing

Even though I’ve shown you a few strategies for fast-creating blog articles, you may not be in the mood or be concerned with other elements of your life at times.

Perhaps you just want to add more material to your blog or website than you can possibly generate on your own. If this happens, you should look into a few Fiverr article writing projects. Sure, you won’t get award-winning work, but if you go around and read testimonials and samples from gig vendors, you could come across some talented freelancers. You can also receive copywriting for your landing page or website, as well as eBooks and guest pieces, using these Fiverr gigs.

Podcast marketing

You may promote your podcast using Fiverr gigs in two ways:

  • To promote your blog, website, or company
  • To help you create and promote your own podcast (if you have one).

You may have noticed that I didn’t include any marketing-related jobs on my list, and that’s because I didn’t think they were necessary. The bulk of SEO, backlinks, social networking, website traffic, and other Fiverr services are more likely to hurt your blog than to help it. They’re spammy by nature, and individuals employ bots, software, and other strange things to get your information.

However, If I had to pick a marketing professional, I’d go with podcast marketing. If you have a podcast, you might want to hire some freelancers to promote it so that you can get more downloads and reach more people. You may promote your blog or company for a charge on someone else’s podcast if you don’t have your own. As an example, consider the following method: Purchase a voice-over gig for $5 or less to create a commercial for your brand (usually 30-60 seconds).

You’ll put an ad on a podcast relating to your industry when you’ve done the voice-over. Relax and enjoy the benefits, because the commercial will last endlessly on that podcast episode (or at least until the podcast disappears from the internet).

People and corporations have been paying a lot of money to advertise on podcasts for a long time, and podcasts are growing more popular. For a reason, Joe Rogan was offered $100 million to migrate his YouTube show to Spotify.

Press releases

This is the second marketing job on the list, and the final of the best Fiverr gigs you can purchase for your blog, website, or business. You may pay a few dollars and instantly have your website and company appear on thousands of major news sites, including Google News-approved sites, by using press release services. Personally, I’m not a fan, for the same reasons I’ve explained multiple times throughout this article.

However, having said that… Press releases are excellent in disseminating information about a new product, a new feature, or even a thorough case study that you’re introducing. Do not consider this a link-building strategy; most links will be no-follow, and Google does not value PR links.

But for a few days, the excitement and marketing surrounding your website and business will undoubtedly enhance traffic and even SEO if other websites automatically connect to your site after reading your press release.

Book and ebook cover designing

Book cover design jobs are also great, especially if you plan on authoring and releasing books shortly, whether online or physically.

Throughout my internet marketing career, I’ve published a few eBooks and always designed them myself, since, well… I’d like to believe that at the very least, I’m capable of making some basic cover designs. But I also realize that getting them properly is a hassle, and I can easily lose a lot of time obsessing over the tiniest details and how to improve the design.

As a result, one of the reasons I outsource this process nowadays is because it takes too long. Not to mention that if you have no experience with graphic design, you will almost certainly require a graphic designer to create the cover for your book.

Social media manager

Without a question, social media platforms have a significant impact on our lives, influencing the way we think, the information we consume, and even the items we buy. Companies and enterprises have learned to react to the current popularity of social media platforms by creating reputable corporate identities across various social media channels.

With a large portion of the general population continually surfing via social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, it can be tough for businesses to maintain an effective connection with their clients on their own. In a world where rapid responses to inquiries add significantly to a company’s brand identification, ineffective communication is something that businesses work hard to avoid. As a result, businesses are prepared to spend a lot of money on Social Media Managers to preserve a favorable image on social media platforms.

The brand’s sole spokesman is a social media manager. To maintain a positive relationship with the company’s consumers, you must reply swiftly to comments, research inquiries, respond to complaints, and develop content as a social media manager. A social media manager is in charge of developing a marketing plan that will effectively entice potential consumers. Because of the fast-paced nature of the social realm, the market plan changes every few months. This can be very helpful for businesses during hard times.

Along with this, you would be responsible for publishing on social networks, determining how frequently these posts are produced, responding to specific comments on the postings, and telling customers why they should buy the service from the firm you represent rather than a rival. Social media managers typically earn an average of $93.70 per hour, with a top salary of $675 in the United States.

Business consulting

As small businesses are set up, due to the lack of experience, they may seek consultation from professionals to handle their finances. If you’ve experience in Finance, you could provide financial consulting to businesses and clients by helping them out in work such as: analyzing risks, helping them to make a budget & providing financial advice. This is a very popular gig on Fiverr, mainly due to the high-frequency density of people that require financial advice.

On average, business consulting generally gives revenue of about $98.10 whereas the maximum amount earned through it sits at $500. Having business consultations can help many businesses get back on track.

Website designing and testing

The success of every business is determined by how appealing its website is, since the appealing quality of it may substantially influence clients’ decisions to place orders with your company or with similar rivals. As a result, businesses are ready to pay a premium to ensure that their website appeals to a wide spectrum of potential customers.

Website design would be a perfect occupation for you if you have the talents and expertise to build and design websites with careful consideration of the business’s given service and taking the time to keep the relevancy to its aim.

The amount of money you can make from website design varies depending on the size of the company you work for and the difficulty of the assignment, but website design typically costs around $105.70, with the highest price reported being $700.

Many folks create a website or blog but aren’t sure if it’s up and running. As a result, they’re searching for someone to check their website for things like navigation and on-page SEO, among other things.

Furthermore, many people wish to upgrade their apps but are unable to keep up with the latest trends, so they seek the assistance of specialists who can do it for them. As a result, they pay somebody to do it for them. If you are familiar with websites and how to design them, you may use this on Fiverr.

The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert to participate; all you have to do is share your knowledge and experience after using and analyzing their website. It’s a rather easy and uncomplicated activity that doesn’t need a great deal of technical knowledge. Website designing and testing is a great help for businesses that cannot handle everything at once. And Fiverr is just the right place to find these jobs.

Digital marketing

For a few years, this term, like its demand, has been popular. As a result, many business owners desire to engage in digital marketing services and are willing to pay a high price for them.

In today’s world, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as email, online applications, social media, mobile apps, and so on. You’ve definitely seen this a lot on social media networks. If you have digital marketing abilities such as email marketing, SEO, ad campaigns, content marketing, and social media marketing, you will have a significant edge.

If you only provide these services on Fiverr, you may work as a freelancer for a variety of companies. Getting digital marketing help for businesses can drastically bring an update, and that’s why having digital marketing is a necessity for businesses that have an online shop.

Virtual assistant

Through Fiverr, you may subcontract some of your operational responsibilities to virtual assistants. I think it’s a great method to improve your social media presence, marketing, and even acquire a better understanding of your target demographic. Getting a virtual assistant would include hiring someone to perform chores such as answering emails, conducting research, and data entry, among other things. There are a plethora of similar tasks on Fiverr in the areas of digital marketing, administrative labor, and research.

Branded SEO articles

On Fiverr, you may find freelancers that can produce SEO-focused blog posts. You may define the goal of your blog post and the site where it will be published for your business or project to optimize the job for the desired audience. All that’s left is to broaden your target audience and brand tone. This strategy might help prospective writers fit their material to your company’s requirements. The idea is to make it look as though you wrote the essay rather than a freelancer.

Final words

In the year 2021, these were some of the most profitable Fiverr engagements. But don’t worry if you have a different gift; all you have to do is test it out on Fiverr, and who knows, you may make more money than any of the above-mentioned activities.

Everyone has some additional abilities; all you have to do is uncover them. As a result, whatever abilities or talents you possess, you should go ahead and create a Fiverr Gig for yourself. You would not only make money from it, but it would also boost your self-confidence. Before you choose a gig, be sure you’re skilled at it and can manage any questions that arise. As a result, go ahead and set yourself out from the crowd by showcasing your abilities.

So, which Fiverr gig are you going to take?

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