The Battery On The IPhone SE 5G Is a Failure


The battery on the iPhone SE 5G is a failure.

This looked like such a no-brainer that I’m not sure why I’m bothering to make a post about it. Indeed, I am aware that many customers will come across this essay and consider their options before purchasing an iPhone SE (2022).

I published a piece on the initial reactions to Apple’s new “less costly” smartphone, and I purposefully kept the battery out of it. I want people to learn the truth about this topic via this article.

As a result, the specialists evaluated the iPhone SE (2022) battery and began to share their findings with the rest of the globe.

And the effects are unmistakable: it lacks the autonomy of its primary Android rivals.

Far below Android’s midline

The iPhone SE (2022) battery life was thoroughly tested by the website Tom’s Guide, giving significant facts that may help customers come closer to the reality that this phone can give.

For the first time, Apple did not announce the battery capacity of the iPhone SE (2022), although all signs point to it being similar to the 2,406 mAh found in the iPhone 13 Mini. It’s worth noting that the model with the retro style has a smaller screen (4.7 inches) than the Mini model (5.4 inches), but its materials are less energy efficient (LCD).

However, tests conducted by Tom’s Guide reveal that the iPhone SE (2022) has a total battery life of 9:07 hours while using 5G, with the screen brightness set to 22%, and accessing new websites every 30 minutes.

This isn’t a terrible outcome given the device’s technological specifications and size. However, it is a long way from the Samsung Galaxy A52’s 12:19 hours, which is one of its primary rivals in this price bracket. And that’s a lot slower than the Google Pixel 5a’s time of 9:45 hours.

In this instance, especially in light of the findings produced by the iPhone 13 Mini (which performs much worse in the test), we may deduce that the CPU is not responsible for all battery consumption in Apple phones. When considering a smartphone’s battery life, there are many additional factors to consider.

The iPhone SE (2020), on the other hand, has a similar design, a smaller battery, and greater battery life than the 2022 edition of the same smartphone.

I’m not sure why.

Is there anything you’re missing?

Could it be because of 5G?

It’s not entirely his responsibility, but he may bear a significant share of the blame.

Although 4G connection uses less battery, 5G is still being adopted in the United States, resulting in an uneven signal and, consequently, higher energy consumption.

Take into account that the iPhone SE (2022) screen has a 60 Hz refresh rate setting, which will definitely affect battery usage. Particularly if the device’s display is still an LCD rather than an OLED.

That is, the reasons for the iPhone SE’s (2022) battery life being more unstable are exactly in its news, which is nice but comes at a cost. We’ll see whether these points have an influence on the model’s sales.

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Fun Fact

Is there a problem with iPhone SE battery?

One of the issues plaguing iPhone SE 2020 users is faster-than-normal battery drain. Battery issues iPhone SE 2020 are extremely common, particularly after new iOS releases, so the complaints don’t come as much of a surprise. Some of the issues might be hardware related, but many others are probably software related.

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