The 7 Most Common Types of Yoga and their Benefits

The 7 Types of Yoga.

One of the best things about yoga is that it easily applies to the body. Every one of the fitness levels, gender, or age can do it. Even those people who have injuries or physical disorders can do yoga. Yoga depends upon your ability to start slowly performing some of the accessible positions and some difficult ones. Yoga offers a much more specific workout for some very fit people, so it is for everyone. Yoga is a practice that can surround all mental, physical, and religious factors. There are so many varieties of yoga, so no matter if you need any yoga, you can find a class to meet them. And the fact is that about yoga, different types of yoga vary how they are challenging. Yoga is not a simple set in all poses. In some parts of yoga, instructors will happily help you and adjust poses that are too difficult for your instructions.

Traditionally, six different types of yoga are practised worldwide, but other new seventh types of Bikram have been viral and commercialized. More detail of each type has given below:

Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga(Royal Yoga) is a bit tougher than Hatha yoga, but the same requires some self-manners and more control, as it points to reaching awareness and knowledge skills. Raja Yoga has eight parts:

  • self-presentation
  • attitude
  • sensory discipline
  • mediation
  • controlling breath
  • discipline
  • happiness or joys

Raja yoga focuses on controlling thinking waves and relaxing your mind to achieve self-awareness.

Karma Yoga

Karma yoga is generally described as the sense of doing good or bad to others, and others will give the same result in the same things that happen to you. In karma yoga, you serve humanity, surrendering yourself and humanity selflessly.

Karma yoga was founded by Bhagavad Vita and is based in Hinduism. The primary purpose of this yoga is to clear the heart and mind, getting released from negative thinking and negative energy. You must understand that you will learn about yoga and have no attachment to the results of your actions, as this will lead you to fear, sadness and freedom. Karma yoga is more spiritual that can depend on physically, and there are no specific poses connected to this type, but it is used for the best posture that you have used and are comfortable with. Therefore, it would be simple.

Hatha Yoga

It is the most common yoga in the western hemisphere with two main principles such as:

  • Improve your energy

It is done with many poses and focuses on the light of energy traveling through your body. It is about the healing process into your body and brings positivity.

  • Mediation

It proves your finding the positions that are most comfortable for you. Then you become more advanced. You will find the best and gain more strength—most people choose the lotus position. The term lotus position defines you as sit with your legs intertwined and crossed. The right foot is over the left thigh, and the left foot is over the right thigh.

Tantra yoga

Tantra yoga is a different form of energy. It is one of the types that most people are strange about as it focuses on sexual well-being. It is about your awareness of your body and expanding your mind to get all levels of understanding. The different patterns are practiced to bring out both male and female aspects in each person, and this is known as the only way to awaken with spiritual depth. Tantra yoga poses for the couple to do together to gain a particular type of attraction in their relations. It is similar in the downward dog and warrior, but they have required the ability to push oneself and expand further and gain relaxation. This form of yoga requires both mental and physical awareness.

Bhakti Yoga

It is about faith and love, and it’s spiritually where the person spends time to all living things, practicing tolerance and offering forgiveness. It is like karma yoga. This type of yoga involves:

  • human love
  • material love
  • spiritual love

Bhakti yoga follows a lot of mediation instead of physical poses.

Jnana Yoga

It is known as Guyana yoga, the Hindi language, all about the true wisdom and right of knowledge. It focuses on clearing the negativity in your mind. It can be followed along with all types of yoga and starts from all truth. Jnana yoga has three main points that can be focused on.

  1. the removal of false ego and materialism
  2. understanding of self-realization
  3. the path of self-realization

These are all points of yoga to follow the correct path of gaining knowledge and truth about themselves and their lives. This is also much more medication than physical.

Bikram Yoga

It is a new type of yoga. It was found in all other six forms of yoga that we have already written and known as hot yoga. Bikram Choudhry introduced it with two forms of breathing and twenty-six postures. This type of yoga can be done at a hot temperature, almost at 40 degrees celsius.

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Fun Fact

How many types of yoga are there?

A. Eight popular styles of yoga are Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Hot yoga, Iyengar yoga, Kundalini yoga, Power yoga, Restorative yoga, Vinyasa yoga.

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