Termite Pest Control Gold Coast: Why Is It Necessary for New Homes?

All you need to Know About Termite Pest Control Gold Coast

Buying a home is a tedious task for a person irrespective of their budget. Whether you want to buy a small apartment, an independent house, or a mansion, you will face thousands of hurdles and challenges. Many people lose their patience and calm during the process. 

Therefore, you must ensure that the whole process goes smoothly so that you can make the best decision. You should keep in mind various factors and take the necessary steps. The most important step is to check the condition of the property, especially if it’s a pre-owned property. You can never come to know about the problems that might have affected the pre-owned property without a thorough inspection. Pest infestation is one such problem. 

Pest control Gold Coast is necessary before buying a new home. Before buying any property, you should get the property checked by a reputable pest removal company. The technicians working with such companies check every nook and cranny of the building to make sure that pests are not present.  

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Which Pests Can Be Present in a Building? 

Termites are referred to as “silent destroyers” due to their ability to eat wood without getting noticed. They chew doors, window frames, floors, and even wallpaper. The damage caused by termite infestation costs more than $5 billion each year. The worst part is that this damage is not even covered by homeowners’ insurance.

Before signing an agreement for buying a property, a potential buyer should always request a termite inspection. You should approach a pest removal company that is licensed and experienced to avoid incurring the cost of repairing the items damaged by termites.  

You must have heard of a standard home inspection that includes evaluating every part of the physical structure of a building. But you don’t need to get this inspection done as it will not serve your purpose. You need to hire services for a new home termite inspection. As the name suggests, this inspection involves checking the property to confirm the presence of termites.  

When technicians conduct this type of inspection, they look for the obvious signs of termite infestation, for example, waste material of termites. Next, they assess the condition of the wooden objects. If the wooden objects appear to be damaged or sound hollow, it implies that they must have been affected by termites.  

Then, the technicians check whether the building has gaps, cracks, or crevices. They even determine the moisture and humidity levels in your property. While gaps, cracks, and crevices become an entry point for termites, excessive moisture and humidity create favourable conditions for termites to thrive.  

What to Do for Pest Control in a New House? 

On the completion of the pest inspection process, the company will provide you with a detailed report. They will also suggest a suitable course of action. You should keep an eye on the following signs of termite infestation. When you notice the signs, you can get take immediate action.  

  • Mud pipes (used by termites to reach food sources) outside the house 
  • Softwood in the house that sounds hollow when tapped 
  • Darkened or blistered wooden structures 
  • A small pile of faeces that looks like sawdust near termite nests 
  • A wing that is thrown near the door or on the window sill indicates that the termites have entered the house 

Although the above are signs of an active termite infestation, potential home buyers should be aware of situations that can attract termites to their home. When visiting a property, there are a few additional things to keep in mind and how you can reduce their effect as you proceed with your purchase. 

  • Firewood 

Many homeowners keep firewood lined up beside their homes for easy access. However, this can actually lure the termites towards home and become a gateway. You must keep firewood and wood at least 20 feet away from the house and store firewood on a raised platform that is at least 5 inches off the ground. 

  • Gutter 

Termites are attracted to moisture, and clogged gutters can cause water to melt, making insulation vulnerable to termites. You should direct rainwater away from the base with a spout extension and attach a spray block to prevent termites from building up and attracting. 

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  • Stump 

While leaving stumps in your yard may seem easier, rotting wood can act as termite fuel and eventually cause termites to invade your home. You should ask a professional to remove excess wood from your property. 

  • Mulch 

Mulch is often used against the foundations of homes and can serve as food and a source of moisture for termites. You need to minimize the use of wood mulch and keep it at least 15 inches from the base of the house. Monitor existing mulch for signs of termite activity, especially below the surface. 

  • Branches 

Tree branches and leaves that come into contact with the roof or outside of the house can allow termites to enter the house. You can cut branches or shrubs to make sure nothing is touching the house. 

Due to the highly destructive nature of termites, prospective home buyers must take steps to identify and prevent contamination. You should get in touch with a licensed pest control company to meet your needs.  

Final Words 

Buying a home requires a huge amount of investment, and so, you should avoid making any mistake. You need to practice due diligence and stay patient.  

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