Ten Best Sites to Sell Blog Articles On

Are you looking for sites to sell articles and blogs to earn money?

Finding ways to sell your blogs to individuals can be difficult, so, Here are the top 10 sites where you can accomplish that!

1.  Hubpages

This site is easy to use: you can simply join at this link; and upload your first article! The requirements are that the articles or writings should be a minimum of 700 words and free of grammatical and spelling errors. Hubpages pays writers cheques of a minimum of $100.

The only difficult part of HubPages is that you need to apply for your own Google AdSense account, which can sometimes be difficult to be approved. However Hubpages gives you a way to get your content quickly, It gives the opportunity to draw attention even if you aren’t making instant money.

2.  Constant content

This site allows you to buy and sell blogs and articles. You post your blog for sale, and an interested buyer will buy it. Blogs will be gone through a sample check to be approved.

There are two ways to use this site to sell blogs. You can either add the blogs to the site’s catalog or respond to custom-made content from customers. With every method you pick, you will receive 65% of the article’s selling price. Find out more on:

3.  Dotwriter

This is a premium content marketplace to sell or buy articles and blog posts. It needs to pass Copyscape and be approved by quality writers. Writers receive 80% of the sale, and only $10 is required for you to start withdrawing into your PayPal account.

Standard level writers earn 2 cents a word, premium writers 4 cents a word, and gold writers 6 cents a word. This site can give opportunities to earn up to $500 a year. This is a perfect site if you’re looking to earn some side income from your regular job. Use this link to start right away! –

4.  Swarmcontent

Swarm Content is an article buying site. It allows you to sell unpublished blog articles to their marketplace. Writers receive 100% of the profits made!

They don’t take any commission, although PayPal may require some third-party fees. Swarmcontent accepts a large variety of blog topics. They also offer sources for writers. This is definitely a place worth a try to sell unique articles. You can visit the site right here through this link:


This site is perfect if you are: funny, smart, and a creative person. offers a good opportunity to earn cash by publishing articles and blogs.

If the content is good, unique, and interesting, this is a great method to earn money by blogging. You get the chance to directly communicate with editors. In the beginning, you get $100 for a single article, after publishing 5 articles it’ll rise up to $200, and if your articles reach up to 10 posts, you’ll get a bonus of $100.

6.  Watch culture

Each day dozens of people earn money by writing and publishing articles on this site based on various topics. Watch culture has started rolling out a system entitling all writers to earn cash from each article they produce. Some have even earned $700 from a single article!

This system is based on a per-view basis and rewards the best writer whose content matches what the audiences desire. So if you think you have what it takes to create an innovative and unique article visit this page: and get in touch with them by: for further details.

7.  iwriter

You don’t have to apply and get approved by this site. You earn a fixed rate per article you publish. The rate ranges from $1.25 for a 150 word blog. The minimum payout is $20!

Doing great work will help you easily sell and earn money on this site. When you receive 4-star ratings for 30 articles you automatically become a premium member which doubles your pay. And once you receive 4.5-star ratings for completed 30 articles, you automatically become an elite writer and payments will be tripled. You can get started by clicking this link:

8.  tuts+

Tuts+ helps people learn and earn online, they pay well too. From $50 for a quick tips blog to $250 for a full in-depth detail blog. The topics range from coding, web development, programming, and many more. Tuts is relatively high quality and high profile site, so you’ll have to have some experience in your niche to get in!

You can apply using this link:, or get in touch with them using this link:

9.  List verse

List verse lets you earn money directly, write a blog ranging from various topics, and you can earn up to $100 via PayPal. You don’t need to be an expert, but you need to have good English knowledge. Articles and blogs need to be unique, grammar-free, and interesting.

They only accept original content and have strict rules which you have to follow; if not followed, blogs will not be accepted and will be rejected. They review your work and if it’s up to the mark they will publish it and you’ll earn your money!

To start visit this site:

10.              Sitepoint

Sitepoint writers are professionals with unique and innovative content and designs. The specific content they are looking for is related to technical, well-written, instructive, and innovative writings.

This company is based in Australia and works with writers all over the world. They claim to pay above industry rates for high-quality work. All you need is good writing with in-depth content skills to be approved!

The topics they mainly look for are CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Mobile development, UX, Design, and HTML.

Visit to get started!

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