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List of books by Tanith Lee

List of Books by Tanith Lee with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Tanith Lee. Find my selection in date order of Tanith Lee’s novels.

Tanith Lee List of Books to Read

Birthgrave Books

The Birthgrave        (1975)          

Shadowfire aka Vazkor, Son of Vazko (1978)          

Hunting the White Witch aka Quest for the White Witch  (1978)          

Novels Of Vis Books

The Storm Lord       (1976)          

Anackire       (1983)          

The White Serpent (1988)          

Four-BEE Books

Don’t Bite the Sun  (1976)          

Drinking Sapphire Wine   (1977)          

Flat Earth Books

Night’s Master         (1978)          

Death’s Master       (1979)          

Delusion’s Master  (1981)          

Delirium’s Mistress            (1986)          

Night’s Sorceries     (1987)          

Castle of Dark Books

The Castle of Dark  (1978)          

Prince on a White Horse  (1982)          

Dark Castle, White Horse (1986)          

Blood Stone Books

Kill the Dead            (1980)          

Sabella           (1980)          

Silver Metal Lover Books

The Silver Metal Lover      (1982)          

Metallic Love           (2005)          

Secret Books of Paradys Books

The Book of the Dead aka Paradys       (1986)          

The Book of the Damned (1988)          

The Book of the Beast       (1988)          

The Book of the Mad        (1993)          


Black Unicorn          (1989)          

Gold Unicorn           (1994)          

Red Unicorn (1997)          

Blood Opera Books

Dark Dance  (1992)          

Personal Darkness (1993)          

Darkness, I   (1994)          

Secret Books of Venus Books

Faces Under Water            (1998)          

Saint Fire      (1999)          

A Bed of Earth         (2002)          

Venus Preserved    (2003)          

Claidi Journals Books

Law of the Wolf Tower aka Wolf Tower         (1998)          

Wolf Star aka Wolf Star Rise       (2000)          

Queen of the Wolves aka Wolf Queen            (2001)          

Wolf Wing    (2002)          

Piratica Books

Piratica          (2003)          

Return to Parrot Island     (2006)          

The Family Sea        (2007)          

Lionwolf Books

Cast a Bright Shadow        (2004)          

Here in Cold Hell     (2005)          

No Flame But Mine            (2007)          

Selected Stories of Tanith Lee Books

Tempting The Gods           (2008)          

Hunting the Shadows       (2009)          

Colouring Books Books

Turquoiselle (2014)          

Ghosteria Books


Ghosteria Volume 1          (2014)          

Ghosteria Volume 2 : Zircons May Be Mistaken        (2014)          

Standalone Novels

Animal Castle           (1972)          

Companions on the Road            (1975)          

The Winter Players            (1976)          

Volkhavaar  (1977)          

Electric Forest         (1979)          

Shon the Taken       (1979)          

Day by Night            (1980)          

Lycanthia      (1981)          

Sung in Shadow      (1983)          

The Beautiful Biting Machine      (1984)          

Days of Grass          (1985)          

Madame Two Swords       (1988)          

A Heroine of the World    (1989)          

The Blood of Roses            (1990)          

Into Gold      (1991)          

Louisa the Poisoner           (1992)          

Heart-Beast  (1992)          

Elephantasm            (1993)          

Eva Fairdeath          (1994)          

Vivia   (1995)          

Reigning Cats and Dogs    (1995)          

When the Lights Go Out   (1996)          

The Gods Are Thirsty         (1996)          

White as Snow        (2000)          

Mortal Suns (2003)          

Death of the Day    (2004)          

L’Amber        (2006)          

Greyglass      (2011)          

To Indigo      (2011)          

Killing Violets           (2012)          

Ivoria (2012)          

Cruel Pink     (2013)          

A Different City       (2015)          


Princess Hynchatti (1972)          

Champions of the Road    (1979)          

Unsilent Night         (1981)          

Cyrion            (1982)          

Red as Blood aka Tales from the Sisters Grimmer    (1982)          

Tamastara aka The Indian Nights          (1984)          

Women as Demons           (1985)          

The Gorgon  (1985)          

Dreams of Dark and Light            (1986)          

Forests of the Night           (1989)          

Nightshades (1993)          

Sages and Swords  (2006)          

Sounds and Furies (2010)          

Disturbed by Her Song     (2010)          

Hauntings     (2012)          

The Wildside Book of Fantasy    (2012)          

Space Is Just a Starry Night         (2013)          

Phantasya    (2014)          

Blood 20       (2015)          

Legenda Maris        (2015)          

Dancing Through the Fire            (2015)          

Obsidian       (2016)          

Animate Objects     (2016)          

Redder Than Blood            (2017)          

The Weird Tales of Tanith Lee    (2017)          

Tanith By Choice     (2017)          

Venus Burning: Realms     (2018)          

Short Stories/Novellas

The Betrothed         (1968)          

Indigara        (2007)                                                          

List of books by Tanith Lee

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Tanith Lee. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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