Taking a look at Australia’s online betting industry

In today’s article, we gloss over the Australian Online Gambling Industry, the laws surrounding it, how to gamble online and some quick tips to get you rolling the dice. The online gaming scene has been kicking off since the mid-’90s with constant ongoing changes in digital technology and the gaming sector very close behind, it’s no surprise the industry has grown to where it is today.

Online gambling in Australia is a bit of a grey area. By Law, Online Gambling is illegal if one has to follow the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (IGA).  With that being said all Australian states have their own governing bodies to regulate gambling. When it comes to online gaming the issue is mostly federal law, with offshore operators having to apply for licences in each state/region. There is a silver lining, as you take a look at the betting sites in Australia listed on safe betting sites, you will find the best online bookmakers offering top odds, special offers, sports markets, bonuses and more. Plus that they are available from wherever you are, whenever you like, and it’s completely legal to use them.


Casino Control Act 1991

Casino Act 1993

Gambling Regulation Act 2003

The main objectives are to minimise the harm caused by gambling and to accommodate those who gamble without harming themselves or others.

New South Wales

Lotteries and Arts Union Act of 1901

Casino Control Act 1991

Gaming Machines Act 2001

The main objectives are to minimise the harm associated with the misuse and abuse of gambling. To foster responsible conduct in relation to gambling. To build a balanced development of public interest. To ensure the probability of the gaming industry as a whole. To provide for a continuous reduction in the number of gaming machines in the state by means of the tradeable gaming machines scheme currently in place.


Casino Control Act 1982

Keno Act 1996

Lottery Act 1997

Interactive Gambling Act 1998

To ensure the benefits reaped from interactive gaming is balanced between the state and community as a whole by a system of regulation and control to the industry’s players.

The IGA’s 1998 Act is to ensure the integrity and fairness of games, the probity of those involved in the conduct of interactive gambling and finally minimise potential harm brought from gambling.

The system of regulation and control is to provide protection for players, a foundation for implementing an inter-jurisdictional regulatory scheme to guarantee equal recognition between jurisdictions of licences, authorisations and other administrative acts. To share the tax derived from interactive gaming on an equitable basis.

South Australia

Lottery and Gaming Act 1936

Gaming Machines Act 1992

Authorised Betting Operations Act 2000

Key objectives are to ensure the integrity of all gambling operations taking part in South Australia, by making sure that gambling services offered to clients are consistently conducted in accordance with predetermined laws and in an environment that supports consumer protection.

All forms of gambling are illegal unless they are licensed or authorised under gambling legislation.

Quick law Sum Up

So although each state has their own body of rules and regulations the commonwealth oversees everything and online gambling is still illegal in Australia. It is however legal for players to use offshore gambling sites in Australia. So basically illegal to operate one but legal to play on one as long as you are over 18.

How to gamble online in Australia

So we have gone through the laws and now know that, although you are legally allowed to play on offshore sites it will mostly depend on the state in which you live. Simply search for the best online casino legally offered in your state. With that being said let’s head down to the next chapter where we shall dive into some quick tips.

Quick Tips

The first tip on the list is a no brainer but surprisingly one that is usually overshadowed. Do some research regarding the site you are playing on! Make sure the Online Gaming site you have chosen is reliable and trustworthy. A few ways to do so is by one checking that the site has consistently good reviews. Who else to trust if not the players themselves! Doing this as step one is a sure way of saving time, a gambling site with bad reviews could mean massive headaches for the unlucky players who play on their sites. Step two check for SSL certification which basically means the site stores your valuable data in a safe and secure private server. You can check this by making sure the website starts with “https” and not just “http”, you should also see a locked padlock icon in the web browser. Step 3 check that the site has a licence badge from a reputable authority figure such as the MGA. Step 4 is probably the least important as it’s not a safety tip but rather a “money hack”, scroll through some gaming sites to check out the different welcome bonuses and promotional offers available! Tip for beginners, before heading into a gaming site you should try your luck at free online casinos just to learn the ropes! Free online casinos are completely legal, free of charge and a great way to experience and craft your knowledge of the different game types and rules offered in real online casinos and gaming sites.

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