Sydney Fireworks Display – New Year 2016 Set To Be The Best Ever

It is now time to bid adieu to the wonderful time of 2015 and to look forward to the New Year 2016 with all the joy, zeal and prosperity.

The New Year celebration in Sydney follows a huge and a great view of some amazing fireworks that should never be missed looking at. Every year, more than one million people get ready and pack themselves in the Harbour of Sydney in order to watch the amazing and breath-taking sight of the fireworks. The whole sky gets lightened up with the fireworks, lights and phenomenal shine. This amazing sight of fireworks set to roll in the sky at 9 pm and continues to make a blast till the midnight.

The extra public transport services in the city run between the city and Northern Sydney from 2pm. To ease the problem of congestion, 4500 extra buses, train, ferry as well as light rail services are added. In order to avoid further hiccups, the Sydney Harbour Bridge closes in between the crucial timings of 11pm and 1am. The other routes such as Anzac Bridge, Western Distributor as well as Victoria Road remains closed from 8.30pm to 9.30pm as well as from 11.30pm to 1am.

What’s Special In This New Year.

The weather is all set to add more to the happiness of the citizens of Sydney since this time, nearly perfect weather conditions are expected on the New Year’s evening in Sydney. The morning is expected to be a little cloudy, which would further be followed by nice, sunny as well as balmy afternoon with all clear conditions till the evening. The winds are all set to blow at a fine speed of 10km/h during the fireworks which are going to be held from 9pm onwards.

Sydney Fireworks Display - New Year 2016 set to be the best ever
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So what are you waiting for? Get ready to enjoy the perfect evening accompanied by an amazing show of fireworks. Get ready to see the shining sky.

Will Sydney Be the best fireworks display this year let us know your opinion and send your images in full credit will be given :).

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