Sydney Fair Trade Market in May 2019

Sydney Fair Trade Market

It is a perfect chance to do some weekend shopping and help a great cause. The event is held on World Fair Trade Day and aims to promote the #choosefairtrade movement and conscientious buying practices.

What is Fair Trade?

The Fair Trade movement is mostly focused on products from developing countries which are being exported to Australia. It’s a type of trading where product prices are usually higher than conventional prices on the world market. Fair trade promotes paying fair prices for products, as well as abiding to social and ecological standards during production.

Most common fair trade products include handcrafted items, chocolate, flowers, coffee, cocoa, tea, sugar…

The goal of the Fair Trade movement is to help artisans, farmers and manufacturers achieve greater economic self-sufficiency and stability. Fair trade also aims to promote a more righteous production system and world trade.

Why is Fair Trade Important?

As consumers, we are often not aware of all the negative effects that international trade has on producers. When we go shopping, most of us don’t do it mindfully and opt for products with the best branding, price, position on the market or some other factors. We remain completely unaware of the production process – because it’s outside our reach as customers.

However, fair trade changes this drastically. It promotes conscientious consumerism, which means that shoppers are educated about the production process, social responsibility of the production company and ecologically acceptable processes.

Fair trade is a movement to save small producers: it’s goal is to establish a better position of producers, better life conditions, stronger producer associations, fair prices and stable business relationships.

Fair Trade Australia

FairTrade is a popular cause in Australia. There are several organizations dealing with these issues, such as Fair Trading NSW, FTA and Fairtrade Australia. These associations operate in most big Australian cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra)…

Fair Trade Australia organizations hold educational and promotional events, information platforms and fair trade markets. One of these markets will soon be held in Sydney.

Sydney Fair Trade Market

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, the Sydney Fair Trade Market is the best opportunity to get a hand-crafted meaningful little masterpiece. The event will be held on May 11, which is the World Fair Trade Day. Conveniently, it’s also the day before Mother’s Day.

By purchasing products from the Sydney Fair Trade Markets, you are supporting economically disadvantaged artists, crafters and farmers. Every piece presented at the market has an exceptional story behind it: just ask the seller about it and you’ll surely be surprised and inspired.

Where and When Will The Sydney Fair Trade Market Take Place?

The event will take place on Victoria Avenue in Chatswood. The admission is free.

The Sydney Fair Trade Market is going to be held on May 11 from 10 AM to 4 PM.

What Can You Find at Chatswood’s World Fair Trade Day Market?

Sydney Fair Trade Market products include clothing pieces, accessories, home decor items, toys, jewellery, makeup, cosmetics and much more!

Every item on the Sydney Fair Trade Markets is ethically sourced and handcrafted.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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