Summer Vacations Is My Dog Hydrated

Is My Dog Hydrated?

Your dog will need enough hydration no matter where he or she is while on vacation this summer, regardless of whether or not you are on a trip. When confronted with the heat, he still finds water to be his most effective ally, which may be quite dangerous for him.

Summer has a number of risks; heat is one of them. Do not underestimate the hazards of the summer months. It may rapidly turn into a dangerous adversary when the sun shines brightly, just like it does for us humans. Furthermore, if we keep ourselves hydrated, the dogs should be able to drink and cool themselves down as the temperature rises.The maximum period a dog can go without water is for three days. It is not recommended though to keep your dog without water for more than 12 hours. It can lead to severe dehydration and terrible consequences. Needless to say, it’s worse to keep your dog without water in the summer.

Dehydration and heat stroke

When dogs are left outdoors for an extended period of time in the summer, they are at danger of dehydration and heat stroke. When dogs are exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, they might suffer from dehydration and heat stroke.

Dogs with fur coats may be at an even greater risk of developing these illnesses since they will not be able to cool themselves down as readily as a dog without a fur coat.

When a dog is suffering from these issues, their body temperature will increase, which means that they may have seizures, become unconscious, or even die.

Signs of dehydration

A sluggish state, sunken eyes, lack of appetite, and dry mouth (loss of moisture in the gums) are some of the symptoms of this condition. “Making a skin fold is the most accurate approach to determine whether or not the dog is dehydrated,” says Dr. Tardif. When a dog is dehydrated, the tissues in his body become less elastic. When it folds the skin, it indicates dehydration, and if it takes more than two seconds to release, it indicates severe dehydration.

How to avoid dehydration

It is critical to enable the dog to drink as much water as it desires at all times. It is vital to have bottles of fresh water in several locations throughout the home and outdoors in the shade. In hot conditions, it is suggested that a cat or a small dog weighing 4.5 kilogrammes should consume one and a half (250 mL) times the quantity of water that they should consume each day. An 8-kilogram dog will need two and a half bowls of water, a 24-kilogram dog will require seven bowls, and a 35-kilogram dog will require ten bowls of water!

If you have to travel with your dog, be sure to pack a bowl or gourde for him to drink from. If you’re driving, make a pit stop every two hours to offer him a drink, cool him down, and give him a chance to stretch his legs if necessary. While walking your dog on a beach, in the mountains, or simply down the street, it is essential that you always have adequate water available to provide your dog in the case of extreme heat.

If you feel that your dog is suffering from dehydration or heat stroke, you should take him to the veterinarian right away. He will next provide intravenous fluids to you in order to rehydrate you.

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Fun Fact

Do dogs drink less water in summer?

Hot summer days, especially if your dog is going for a walk or playing outside when it’s hot, will increase your dog’s water needs, doubling and even tripling the amount.

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