Summer Hair Care

Essential Tips for Summer Hair Care

The hair is even more exposed during the summer and suffers aggression from solar radiation, water, sea, chlorine, and pollution. The intensity of the sun’s rays that reach the Earth is getting more significant. Therefore, protecting yourself is essential – in an article published by the BBC newspaper, there is an analysis by the Finnish meteorologist Antti Lipponen who compares variations in temperature caused by the increase in radiation. 

What is the damage caused by the sun’s rays to the hair?

The sun’s rays not only cause damage to our skin but also to our hair. They are responsible for degrading the structure of our wires, leaving them dry and brittle. In contact with unprotected hair, solar radiation causes damage to the hair fiber, and, therefore, protecting it is essential. UVB rays are the most responsible for damaging the keratin of the wires, leaving the hair more fragile. UVA rays oxidize and fade the colour, regardless of whether the cables have natural or artificial tones.

How to prevent hair damage?

Try to use hair protection when exposed to the sun, such as hats and caps. Avoid using these protections with wet hair, as smothering the area can worsen the fall and cause dandruff to appear. Some hats, caps, and cosmetics already have a hair protection factor. Another critical step is to hydrate and restore them after a day of intense exposure to conquer shiny and beautiful hair.

Do seawater and chlorine damage hair?

Did you know that sea and pool water further intensify the damage that summer can cause? Contact with these waters boosts the loss of beneficial water to the hair, responsible for its elasticity. In addition, there is also the breakdown of proteins responsible for internally sealing the hair, leaving it porous, brittle, and with split ends.

Therefore, when leaving the sea or swimming pool, try to wash your hair with drinking water to remove excess chlorine or saltwater. Bet on thermal water to gently hydrate the wires practically and effectively. To make them beautiful, soft, and silky, don’t forget to replenish the hair’s hydration. Look for highly nourishing, intensive repair products that will seal your cuticles and prevent further damage.

Another factor that is important to worry about is the wind, which makes the hair more tangled, facilitating and increasing the breakage of the strands if it is combed the wrong way.

Summer hair care tips

This season, try to moisturize your hair often. Rebalancing it after summer damage is very important to restore its shine and softness. Avoid using a hairdryer to avoid drying your hair and, to protect them from ultraviolet rays, use caps, hats, or scarves. If you’re going to wash your hair every day, look for products without harmful agents with surfactants that clean without damaging the fiber.

When washing the hair, always use cold or lukewarm water, as hot water can flake off the scalp, sensitize and increase oiliness. Do not rub the area with your nails, as it can cause sores and even stimulate the appearance of dandruff. Food also influences hair health, including foods with proteins, amino acids, omega-3 and 6, and substances present in meat, eggs, fish, oilseeds, mushrooms, and dairy products. After the beach, try to nourish the hair using moisturizing products such as ceramides and shea butter and, to restore, invest in intensive repair masks.

Men’s hair needs hydration?

Although they usually keep their hair shorter, men also need to take care of their hair during the summer, mainly because they are more prone to oiliness and baldness. These two characteristics can increase if carelessness occurs during the year’s hottest season.

Reinforcing hair hydration after contact with seawater and the swimming pool is essential. They can damage the hair in the same way as other procedures such as dyeing, bleaching, and straightening.

Men should avoid accumulating products on the scalp as their strands are more prone to oiliness than women’s strands, making the situation worse. The constant use of hats and caps, especially wet hair, worsens hair loss. Avoid smothering the scalp, which aggravates baldness and dandruff and accumulates dirt, sweat, and oil.

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Fun Fact

Should I oil my hair in summer?

* Oiling your hair in summer creates a shield to protect your hair from sun damage. Sun damage can result in over-drying & dullness in hair texture. Coconut oil is very comfortable in summer since its lightweight. It nourishes your scalp and cleanses dirt and dead cells on the scalp easily on shampooing after oiling.

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