Summary of The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Getting Rich: Book Review

What do I like the most? The relation between money and material happiness has been explained very well and in lucid language. 

Desires are boundless, and there are many constraints in every individual’s life to achieve what one desires. In a world full of uncertainty, ways and means are the tools to fulfil desires. There is hardly anyone among the vast population of this mortal world where one would not like to become rich. Why does one want to become rich? Because riches are required to nurture body, mind, and soul. When one combines faith and purpose with action towards goals, one sees the steps becoming a reality. The suitable means to getting rich is through using one’s talent. 

It is a strange world; people who have money worry that they may lose it. People who don’t have money want to have it. There are people also who criticize the desire for affluence. Take the mind as an example. To have a sound and balanced mind, one needs good literature and excellent education. To attain an excellent education and good books, money is the primary need.

Similarly, the human body needs good nourishment to keep the body healthy. So having a healthy body, one needs healthy food, and to have healthy food, one needs money. To have a shelter or house, food, and clothing, one has to have money. As they say, it is a rich man’s world; the old saying is practical and earthy in reality. 

Soul and its food 

The food of the soul is love and relationships. Money is also needed to take care of one near and dear people. Hence, material happiness is also necessary to calm one’s mind and love others. 

We cannot deny visualization and its power in attaining and moving towards fulfilling goals. If the goal is to become rich, the talent and its utilization can have riches. Hope, dreams, talent is alright, but the right action at the right time is the essential part of the entire business. Thoughts, howsoever good, cannot bring any results if the steps are not done with seriousness. There may be circumstances not favourable, but one must make the events helpful with positive thoughts. So it is for the individual to identify what the person wants to choose and prioritize whether the talent or passion. Hence, one may have to take a middle path using both skill and passion for seeing success. In this way, one can develop a habit of success through faith and work. 

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