Summary of The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris and Steven C Hayes

The Happiness Trap: Book Review

The thing I like about the book- It is a trendsetter book. It does not discuss just shallow Mindfulness and happiness. Instead, it aims at a valuable and durable method which, when practised, would show exemplary results.

The author thinks a person created more problems by fighting against negative emotions. When one stops struggling against their feelings, only then can this book be of help. 

Many times, an inner thought might occur, pointing at one’s failure. One must not pay attention to this negative thought and keep doing what they have pursued in such a situation. Another method is to practice expansion. This will help the person face the big emotions which till now they had been avoiding. The author opines that acceptance and commitment therapy do not control one’s emotions. Many people would argue that the ACT technique may fail, but the person may experience happiness to try for Mindfulness. 

The author opines the goal again may not be to run after happiness, but ACT suggests a person enjoy pleasing events howsoever small they may be. Hence, one may try not to be swayed by either good or bad feelings. Rather ride over the waves. The meditation technique is to be practised to focus one’s mind on breathing. It is so simple, count on one’s breaths and let the thoughts and emotions come and go. This way, the person does not get stuck up with either good or bad feelings. Thus one would have emotional freedom. It would be easier to determine the values that the person wants to use for their more significant life goals. 

Hence this is not just a self-help book, but it can be one’s long-time consulting guide.

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