Summary of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

A Quick Review Quiet by Susan Cain

The thing I liked about the book– It rates introverts as significant contributors to society.

Usually, it is believed that extroverts are great achievers. They visualize, plan and act. They turn those plans into successful executions. Extroverts talk little and keep their ideas hidden inside their minds. Introverts do not express their ideas vocally but are achievers too. The introverts may be socially shy and easily may not mix up in a social gathering. Sometimes some mental functions of an introvert put psychological pressure, and others may act weird. 

If one goes through the book, a simple conclusion is drawn that introverts are incredibly successful and influential. The writer compares different businesses and teamwork to point out that extroverts and introverts both show excellence in the industry. Extroverts often lead companies better when there is little input from other team members. In contrast, introverts thrive in situations that rely on a team’s information because, being good listeners, they can implement the ideas of teaching members. In a society, though, extroverts and introverts both live and survive. Yet introverts feel and are sometimes not judged for their qualities. The writer addresses mainly introverts in different fields, especially in American society, where too much emphasis is on socializing, teamwork and multitasking. The book focuses on the traits of introverts who are often not given due recognition. Based on a scientific study, the writer concludes introverts think more deeply about problems and persist in trying to solve those problems. Introverts often work and think, keeping emotional intelligence as a significant factor in their minds. These qualities of an introvert turn them into compromising leaders, excellent negotiators. They may challenge and be soft in their approach according to different situations. 

The writer is of the viewpoint that the extrovert/introvert controversy is a more misplaced theory. Extroverts are of great importance to run a business organization both professionally and personally. Introverts enjoy the company of socialites and recognize their efforts and contribution. The writer uses free trait theory to derive a valid conclusion that personality may show unique traits in different situations, times, and around other people. Hence, a strict line of demarcation is not possible to segregate extroverts and introverts completely. 

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