Summary of Out of The Woods by Brent Williams

Out of The Woods: Book Review

I liked the book: One can know firsthand information about depression, and if one suffers from the problem, how to come out of it by controlling emotions embedded in the subconscious mind.

The Oxford dictionary explains ‘depression’ as extreme sadness and melancholy. Many people have faced depression in their lives. We are going to discuss the book ‘out of the woods’ by Brent Williams. The author has written this based on his personal experience and is backed by principles of medical science. One more distinguishing feature is the illustration by Korkut Oztekin. The pictures speak more than words. 

The book describes a journey from the time author was in deep depression. The book throws light on how the author experienced depression in troughs and waves. The book discusses that depression arises out of biological causes. Pages 66 and 67 describe it beautifully. 

The language of the book has clarity. The story does not show any signs of weak sentiments. However, the story has a personal and emotional plot telling about depression, anxiety, life traumas, and challenges. Yet, it shows an honest approach. 

The book’s title suggests that the state of the darkness of depression that the author experienced and how he came out of the woods through right thinking and the right therapy went out of the woods, defeating the darkness of depression. 

So this is a book not only for general lovers of reading but a helpful text for the students of psychotherapy. Out of the woods’ gives ample knowledge about neurobiology, behavioural activation, Mindfulness, psychodynamic therapy. 

Dr Rebecca Smith of the U.K. suggests this book is a must for patients facing depression and family and friends. 

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