Summary of Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

Awaken the Giant Within: Book Review

What did I like most? The author inspires a human being to search for and find the greatness in one’s soul. 

As they say, habit is second nature. So habits can make a personality a stronger one or can make a man weaker. It is human nature to have pleasure in life. Everyone wants to avoid pain. Ng Hence those actions which give pain certainly need to be avoided. We must practice the activities which bring pleasure. 

Habit change is hard, but there is a technique called temptation bundling that can keep a person switching over from a bad to a good habit. Language and vocabulary are deciding factors in having a balance of mind or a positive and healthy state of mind. The words create magic in the minds of people. People see and judge a person how they describe the world. Alas! Out of 3000 words in English to express emotions, 65% of them are for negative emotions. Reinforcing good feelings with powerful words is the best prescription to play down destructive emotions. One may use unusual words to ease out stress and pain by laughing at those demanding situations. One is supposed to follow and create rules to make and feel happy. The author advises never to let one’s happiness control the other person. 

Effective communication: one must try to have the same frequency regarding self and the other person’s rule to be happy and let the other person be happy. Hence the author inspires all and sundry to think and act to awaken the giant within oneself. 

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