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List of books by Stuart Woods

List of Books by Stuart Woods with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case,Stuart Woods.Find myselection in date order of Stuart Woods’s novels.

Stuart Woods List of Books to Read

 Will Lee Books

Chiefs   (1981)  

Run Before the Wind     (1983)  

Deep Lie              (1986)  

Grass Roots        (1989)  

The Run               (2000)  

Capital Crimes   (2003)  

Mounting Fears                (2009)  

 Stone Barrington Books

New York Dead (1991)  

Dirt         (1996)  

Dead in the Water           (1997)  

Swimming to Catalina     (1998)  

Worst Fears Realized      (1999)  

L.A. Dead             (2000)  

Cold Paradise     (2001)  

The Short Forever           (2002)  

Dirty Work          (2003)  

Reckless Abandon           (2004)  

Two Dollar Bill    (2005)  

Dark Harbor        (2006)  

Fresh Disasters (2007)  

Shoot Him If He Runs     (2007)  

Hot Mahogany  (2008)  

Loitering With Intent      (2009)  

Kisser    (2010)  

Lucid Intervals   (2010)  

Strategic Moves               (2011)  

Bel-Air Dead       (2011)  

Son of Stone      (2011)  

D.C. Dead            (2011)  

Unnatural Acts  (2012)  

Severe Clear      (2012)  

Collateral Damage           (2012)  

Unintended Consequences        (2013)  

Doing Hard Time               (2013)  

Standup Guy      (2014)  

Carnal Curiosity (2014)  

Cut and Thrust  (2014)  

Paris Match        (2014)  

Insatiable Appetites       (2015)  

Hot Pursuit         (2015)  

Naked Greed     (2015)  

Foreign Affairs  (2015)  

Scandalous Behavior      (2016)  

Family Jewels    (2016)  

Dishonorable Intentions               (2016)  

Sex, Lies, and Serious Money     (2016)  

Below the Belt  (2017)  

Fast & Loose      (2017)  

Indecent Exposure          (2017)  

Quick & Dirty      (2017)  

Unbound             (2018)  

Shoot First          (2018)  

Turbulence         (2018)  

Desperate Measures     (2018)  

A Delicate Touch              (2018)  

Wild Card             (2019)  

Contraband        (2019)  

Stealth  (2019)  

Treason                (2020)  

Choppy Water   (2020)  

 Holly Barker Books

Orchid Beach     (1998)  

Orchid Blues       (2001)  

Blood Orchid      (2002)  

Iron Orchid         (2005)  

Hothouse Orchid              (2009)  

 Ed Eagle Books

Santa Fe Rules   (1992)  

Short Straw        (2006)  

Santa Fe Dead   (2008)  

Santa Fe Edge    (2010)  

 Rick Barron Books

The Prince of Beverly Hills            (2004)  

Beverly Hills Dead            (2008)  

 Teddy Fay Books

Smooth Operator            (2016)  

The Money Shot              (2018)  

Skin Game          (2019)  

 Herbie Fisher Books

Barely Legal        (2017)  

 Standalone Novels

Under the Lake (1987)  

White Cargo       (1988)  

Palindrome         (1991)  

L.A. Times           (1993)  

Dead Eyes           (1994)  

Heat      (1994)  

Imperfect Strangers       (1995)  

Choke   (1995)  

 Non-Fiction Books

Blue Water, Green Skipper          (1977)  

 List of books by Stuart Woods      

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Stuart Woods.If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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