Step South Australia Seminar 2022

STEP South Australia

Event: Step South Australia Seminar

Venue: Military & Air Force Club of South Australia, 111 Hutt St, Adelaide SA, Australia

Date: Thu, 18 Aug, 5:30 – 7:00 pm GMT+9:30

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Step South Australia Professionals from many professions (legal, accountancy, and financial planning) are going to collaborate and exchange information and expertise in South Australia. Step South Australia members’ areas of expertise include taxation, trusts and equity, estate planning and succession, and dispute resolution. There is a particular interest and experience in business succession concerns through the Company Families Special Interest Group. The Step South Australia is going to host a event on 18 august in australia.

Seminar Details

Most of the programs take place in the early evenings and include lectures or panel discussions on both practical and theoretical/jurisprudential topics. The presenters frequently provide a written document. They also host ‘Pop Up Debate Groups,’ which provide an opportunity for a more casual and in-depth discussion of recent lectures, cases, or publications. Attendees are potentially invited to participate in the conversation and limited space. Each year, the Annual Trusts Symposium is our highlight event. Many practitioners consider the Symposium, which focuses on trust law, a “must attend” event. Superior court justices, intellectuals, and prominent attorneys have all spoken. The STEP Australia board is coordinating STEP’s strategy and growth in Australia. The board is made up of the Chairs of each of our Australian chapters and other elected members.

Step South Australia

Step South Australia Members are all members of a local branch, which allows them to network with peers on a local level. You may find over 100 STEP branches and chapters all over the world. Each branch offers an annual program of high-quality professional growth, bringing together attorneys, accountants, financial planners, trust firm personnel, and other trust and estate administration professionals.

Members from South Australia assist families with real-life issues. Some of the topics our members advise on include: caring for a husband when his wife dies while preserving the interests of his children; and assuring the care and assistance of elderly or fragile relatives. assisting families with global interests in complying with the laws and tax standards of several nations, ensuring that a family company passes securely from a generation to the next, and assisting clients in effectively supporting charitable organizations.

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