Six Key Issues in Australia Election Campaign

Six Key Issues in Australia Election Campaign

Six key issues in Australia election campaign – Australia is now at the final stages of its longest election campaign. Parties have come up with policies that will help them get the victory. The following are the six key points resulting from the Australia election campaign.


Labor Focused on Health – Key Issues in Australia Election Campaign

If elected, Australia’s Federal Labor has plans to invest heavily on the health system. Some of its plans include:

  • Unfreeze the payments to health professionals as well as doctors under the Medicare Benefits Scheme. This is estimated to cost close to $2.4 billion
  • Prevent the scrapping of bulk-billing incentive payments for scans and pathology.

Labor also announced that it would avail hospitals with $2 billion. This will reverse the cuts made in the 2014 budget.

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme is not spared either. PBS had the effect of increasing medical costs. This move by Labor will require $971 million within a period of 4 years. When Labor focused on health, it started a scare campaign. It says that the government will make “medicare private.”


Opposition Did Not Spare PM Over NBN – Key Issues in Australia Election Campaign

Labor’s attention in the Australia election campaign was turned to the raids by Australian Federal Police on NBN. The later is under investigation for leaks within it.

“This organisation is leaking like a sieve because Malcolm Turnbull has stuffed the NBNup,” Shadow Communications Minister Jason Clare said of his former portfolio-sparring partner.

Labor moved on to announce methods of averting the leaks. It will connect NBN with the modern network worth $57. All this is to happen before mid-2022.


Relief in Childcare Fee – Labor Promise

Labor party pledged to give families haunted with childcare fees $3 billion to sort out the bill.

Some of the ways of implementing this will include:

  • Support the means-tested childcare benefit by 15 per cent
  • Increasing the rebate cap to $7,500 from $10,000.

The implementation of the sector overhaul will happen in July 2018, thus streamlining subsidies.

Labor further added that experts and the industry players will take part in the process of “long-term reforms.”


Government Top-Notch Policies Made Public Before Campaign – Key Issues in Australia Election Campaign

During the May budget, the coalition announced a company tax cut of $48 billion.

The businesses whose turnover is less than $10 million per annum will benefit most. This year alone will see their tax rates go down by 27.5 per cent.

Government’s $50 billion contracts for Australia’s next fleet of submarines was also a big hit.


Smaller, More Local Policies by the Government -Key Issues in Australia Election Campaign

The Prime Minister has faced the accusation that he is running for “Mayor of Australia”. These allegations are caused by the netball courts, CCTV cameras and light poles.

The coalition’s top policies consist of:

  • $60 million to make sure mobile phone reception is improved
  • Relocation of Tasmania campuses at Launceston and Burnie. This will require $150 million
  • $192 million investment in health care. 24-hour digital mental health services will get $30 million.

Both Sides Chip into The Credit Cards

The Labor and government have common thinking that credit cards should return to surplus by 2020-2021. They are however not in agreement on the realization o the same.

As the Australia election campaign draws to a close, only the side with the right policies touching on real issues will carry the day.

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