Should I choose Optus for my NBN connection?

Searching for the perfect home internet service can be overwhelming, so you might feel inclined to turn to a household name for some peace of mind. In Australia, there’s a big chance that in this scenario you will think of Optus.

This page will unpack the offerings from one of the biggest NBN providers in the country so you can make an informed choice.

New NBN Connections

If your property has never had the NBN before, Optus will arrange for a technician to visit your home to get you connected. The process will be slightly different, depending on which connection technology is available at your house, but it will involve putting an NBN utility box outside your house and a connection box inside.

If there is no extraordinary work involved, then you will receive a $0 NBN installation cost as part of your new plan.

Before the installation date, you will receive a pack from Optus detailing how to prepare. You should read this carefully to make sure there are no delays on the day.

Optus NBN plans

As you would expect from one of the country’s biggest telecommunications providers, there are plenty of plans on offer to choose from.

  • Choose from 4 internet speed tiers – 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 240 Mbps or 400 Mbps
  • All plans include unlimited data
  • Month-to-month plans (minimum costs apply to cover set-up expenses)

The speed tier you need depends on how many people use your NBN connections at the same time and the type of internet activities you do. If you are not sure which speed tier is right for you, talk to an expert to find out more. 

Some of our favourites are below to use as a guide to how much Optus costs.

Optus Plus Family Entertainer NBN – $89 per month

Up to 50Mbps Standard Plus Evening

Unlimited Data

NBN 50™ Fixed Line

Ultra WiFi Booster

Netflix standard plan

Save $10/mth for 6 months ($99 per month thereafter)

Minimum cost – $557, including a $0 start-up fee, $252 modem, $216 Booster charges and $10 Intro Offer credit

Optus Plus Everyday Fast NBN – $99 per month

Up to 100Mbps Standard Plus Evening

Unlimited Data

NBN 50™ Fixed Line

Minimum cost – $331, including a $0 start-up fee and $252 modem

Bundles and add-ons

As well as your choice of speed tier, Optus have made it really easy to choose the extras you want to bundle with your plan, so you don’t end up paying for things you don’t need.

Some of the options include:

  • Ultra WiFi modem and booster

You can choose to BYO modem or bundle an Optus modem with your plan. The Wifi 6 modem is designed to deliver faster WiFi speeds, stronger coverage and includes 4G backup so you’ll never be left disconnected. The modem is also sustainably built using 95% recycled plastics.

  • WiFi Secure

You can choose to include a subscription to McAfee Global with your NBN plan, offering protection for all NBN connected devices from hackers, malicious websites and malware. McAfee actively monitors your internet activity to deal with potential threats in real time, before any damage is done. 

Devices that can be protected include streaming devices, gaming systems, laptops, tablets and even smart refrigerators and robotics.

  • Optus Sport

Included for free in most cheap NBN plans, Optus Sport includes free access to the English Premier League, J League, Women’s Super League and football internationals, as well as other national and international sports.

You can stream content through your set top box (if included in your plan) or download the app to watch on the go.

Also included is the OS Fitness app where you can access over 1,000 home fitness videos including dance, yoga, Pilates and more.

  • Optus SubHub

The SubHub gives Optus customers a convenient way to access all their apps from one easy place. If you choose to bundle your subscription services in SubHub you will save a 5% discount for two services and a 10% discount for three or more. Some of the popular apps you can bundle include Netflix, Paramount+ and YouTube Premium.

  • Game Path

The Optus Game Path add-on intelligently finds the fastest path to the servers running your game, resulting in a smoother gaming experience, with an average reduction in lag of 30% and an average reduction in jitter of 70%.

  • Optus Fetch

Using the Fetch Mini or Fetch Mighty set top box, you can access free-to-air television, schedule recordings and series tags, use your favourite streaming apps and rent or buy shows and movies. 

You have the choice to add Premium Channel Packs from as little as $6 per month to unlock additional content, such as kids channels, sports, music, comedy and movies.

The Optus Data Breach

You might still be hesitant about signing up to Optus following the cyber attack in October 2022. You’ll be happy to know that Optus have made a series of commitments in response to the breach:

  • Strive to exceed the global standard of cyber capabilities
  • Raise the bar for cyber security in Australia by sharing their new expertise
  • Offer affected customers a credit and identity monitoring options
  • Add additional cyber security tools to the My Optus app
  • Give customers the option to use Digital ID verification rather than sharing physical document
  • Invest in education around online safety for more Australian families
  • Help to fund cyber security innovation in Australia’s leading universities


Optus has a wide range of NBN plans, appealing add-ons and affordable prices, so you are sure to find something to suit your home’s internet needs and budget. 

But they are not the only provider out there. If you would like a comprehensive comparison of phone and internet services, with no cost and no hassle, talk to a professional comparison service like CheapBills, who can recommend the perfect match from a panel of preferred providers.

When you compare with CheapBills, you can also support a fundraising campaign through icause. If you choose to switch to a new provider, a donation will be made on your behalf to your chosen crowdfunding campaign.



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