Should David Cameron Resign Post Brexit

Brexit- Tough Days Ahead For Mr.Cameron

Brexit; tough days ahead for Mr.Cameron The 23rd of June 2016 is going to be an important day in the history of Europe for that is the day that the British referendum on whether or not the country should leave the EU will be held. There are many types of fallout that will come out of such a referendum. These fallouts may be good for some and really bad for others. If the referendum was to close with a Leave win, then Mr. Cameron could as well bid goodbye to the Prime Minister position. Meanwhile, that is not the only domestic problem he will have to face. The Scots are looking on closely and they have promised another referendum to become an independent country if the vote of the referendum was to be in favor to leave. Then there is always the impact that the Brexit will have on the EU as a whole.

Mr. Cameron called for the referendum after he finished renegotiating the terms of Britain’s membership in the EU where he got concessions for all four points put forward.  Unfortunately for Mr. Cameron, the public is not really impressed with the renegotiations as they believe it is not close to what Mr. Cameron had promised to achieve which was a treaty change. This earned him a backlash from the press especially from all the Eurosceptics. It still remains to be seen if this small win will affect the outcome of the referendum come June since there are more people who have personal opinions about the country being in the EU which has nothing to do with renegotiation deals.

 Tough Days Ahead For Mr.Cameron

Apart from the backlash from the press, the Prime Minister has been dealt with numerous blows by members of his own party. After he announced the referendum in a cabinet meeting, six of his cabinet ministers were quick to say to the press that they were for a leave. It did not help that some of these six were close friends of Mr. Cameron. The major setback was when the Lord Mayor of London, Boris Johnson announced he will be campaigning to leave. Note that Mr. Johnson is the person tipped to take over the Tory leadership.

Even before these high profile personalities came out to make their opinions known, there had always been a close poll between those who wanted to leave and those who preferred to remain. Ever since 2013, when Mr. Cameron made the announcement on a referendum on the EU, the polls had shown that most people prefer to remain. However, since the immigration crisis reared its ugly head coupled with the economic woes plaguing the EU, the polls have begun to close with increasingly more people opting for a leave. The main fear now is that the poor reception of the renegotiation deal and the position of the Lord Mayor of London may make the polls to tip further in favor of leaving. Meanwhile, executives of major companies who know the repercussions of a Leave are coming out to campaign for a “remain” either way Brexit; tough days ahead for Mr.Cameron.

Should David Cameron Resign Post Brexit

On Social media there has been a hashtags decided to the Prime Minister #dodgydave. This has led the outcry from users of both Twitter and Facebook that his credibility, following the use of taxpayer money for the election public re-education leaflet, among other things has been left in tatters.

Some home truths about undue influence and potential fraud allegations.

Whatever you believe the Brexit will have hug ramifications for the UK, should the people choose Remain, or Choose leave, the question has to be asked, is David Cameron still a credible leader for the Conservative Party. Social media the voice of the people says no, and would suggest one way or another he should step down.


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