Short Review of Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Summary of Untamed

What do I like most? It is a book that every woman needs to read. The struggle transforms a person. The author is honest and brave enough to write freely.

It is a tough job to understand the feelings of a woman. The author realises at one stage in her life as a caged person. This psychological imbalance showed its ill-effects physically, and the author became patient with bulimia. The author, searching for the initial reasons from her memory, states that a girl is always taught to behave to learn what she is supposed to do. Her will and desire are unnecessary.

The author’s experience with men finds an additional dimension after she and her husband attend a relationship therapist. Doyle’s husband admitted to her relationship with another woman; Doyle felt cheated. The author revealed to the therapist that she had fallen in love with a woman named Abby. The therapist told her it was not a legitimate relationship. It was another reason for her not being happy and feeling caged.

The essential reservation remains the same for the author that men and women are brought up differently. It is the woman who is constantly told what she should do. It is a primary complaint of the author that a girl or woman is always directed, taught a thought how she is supposed to act and behave. Nobody cares for the woman what makes her happy. Instead of her happiness, the norms of society rule most of the time. Even says if women are pushed into heterosexual marriages. To cope up and drag a married life, Megan took the habit of drinking alcohol.

The author feels that the ‘should’, and ‘right’ bars keep people caged. The author, when she wanted online advice, was told what she should do. Doyle learned exercises to make herself calm. This helped her to understand the profound personal nature. This way, she learned to trust herself rather than caring for society.

The author gives up believing in the traditional family structure. She burns the idea that selflessness is the highest quality of a woman’s life. The author experiences pain when her grandmother dies. Then after visiting her sister, who gives birth to a new baby. The author feels pain and happiness are parts of life.

The author realises very late in her life how to get rid of the thoughts of being perfect. Doyle always had a motto to be good. She practised being a good wife, a wonderful mother, a good Christian. Again, pursuing goodness becomes a source of unhappiness. Doyle made the wrong decision and got divorced from her husband.

The author’s view is the girls have to learn very early how to make themselves desirable to men. Very late in life, she came to realise her desires. Watching a TV show, Doyle learned about touching trees. Since then, Doyle believes that she and everybody else should see themselves as their touch tree.

Doyle thinks that there is a change in parenting now. Previously parenting was no issue; now, parenting has become more challenging. Doyle started an organisation, ‘Together Rising,’ is doing splendid work.

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