Short Review of The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art: Steven Pressfield

What did I like the most about the book? The book discusses the challenges one finds in the way of making constructive efforts in life. 

Resistance: any work or program planned to achieve an aim or aim which is beneficial in the long run gets resistance. The author opines that this opposing force or repulsive force is called resistance. This resistance phenomenon is an abstract entity. This resistance deviates a person from following the aim or program. Hence this opposing force generates within the person. Once a person understands this tendency, they can check it and move forward. Procrastination is also resistance. Therefore, one needs to check weakness as a dominant factor that prevents progress. Hence, the person must value the present moment to work and change their fortune. 

The author suggests few factors which can help a person check negative influences. To remain away from criticising others, to believe in oneself, and to have no self-doubts. Getting fearful about a job establishes the fact that this job would certainly be beneficial for the person. 

There are two sets of people, one who make grandiose plans and create resistance themselves. The real achiever knows and values the importance of success as a by-product of sincere efforts to do the job. The author suggests a person how to check this resistance and move on. He gives an example. Someone asked Maugham what makes him a talented writer. Does he write by creating a programmer, or is it through inspiration? The writer replied,” I write only when inspired.” So it is for the person to differentiate what is important and what is not. 

A professional player accepts money as remuneration while playing because the player loves their job. The experienced player hence maintains a balance; loves the sport as well, as earning money. The difference between a dilettante and a professional is simple. The amateur wants to remove the fear of playing. Still, apart from inspiration, the professional is devoted to learn and practice techniques because he feels that technology is also an option of inspiration. A professional uses his mental faculties, physical strength to achieve his goal. The professional remains balanced in getting success or failure in efforts. A professional approach checks the resistance in an athlete a musician. 

Experienced artists like writers acknowledge the secret that while they work, a magnetic field works around them. Thoughts generate, and their inner vision gets increased.

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